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Removing glued down planks (PVA Glue) question

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Hi All,


Finished planking one of the decks on my Endeavour (AL - 1:60) but then discovered I'd used the hull planking strips (1.6mm) instead of the very thin decking strips (0.6mm) I was suppose to use. Different kind of wood to the strips also.


Should I try ripping them off, is it even possible without damaging the plywood decking? Or just plank the other decks with the hull planking as well so the height difference doesn't stand out?





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As long as you don't put up a sign that says "Wrong size plank used", then who in the world will know that you did?


It looks good to me. By the time your finished the model, that size detail will be swallowed by the rest of the Ships details.


You can always put another sign up in front of the finished model that says "I like this size planking better".


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Because the decks are on three different levels, the thickness of the planks may not be an issue. However, because the hull planks are three times as thick as the deck planks you may find that things like scuppers and ports may not line up properly. In addition, if your decking timber is different from the timber used on the hull - for example hull planking - basswood and decking timber - Ash, then using two different timbers on your deck will give an inconsistent finish. You may also find that your deck planking s a different width to your hull planking. I think your best bet is remove the planking and redo it with the supplied deck planking. In the overall scheme of things it s not a big job to remove and replace with the correct timber.

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I see pros and cons for both arguments.


On the one hand, the perfectionist in me would be a-ripping them planks up just as fast as I could ....


On the other, however, you say that one set of planks are 0.6mm (decking) and the other are 1.6mm (for hull planking). As you don't mention it, I can only assume that the width dimension is the same for both sets. Thus, as the difference could not possibly be seen on the completed build, and as you have done an excellent job of planking that area (nice tre-nails, by the way), my vote would be to leave it as it is !!


If you do decide to tear them up, then I strongly suggest, and can personally recommend, Isopropyl. You'll find it at any Bunnings and/or Masters store throughout the land of Oz.

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I think it will depend on the type of glue you used... if PVA, dampen a papertowel the isopropyl alcohol and let it soak.  If CA, you'll need to use acetone and that is very nasty stuff... use it outdoors.   Or, you might get lucky and be able to pry off the planks and re-sand the deck (along with a solvent soak) and be good to go.

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