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Sanding tools and power supply from computer parts - Cristikc

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I made some models of sanding tools from HDD parts.

I will try to explain with picture how i made.

Also i made my "new" power supply from computer power supply.

take the cover off


remove heads


take out magnets and other parts


glue paper sand on one of the platans.

Al so for the vertical sanding, use a "medical tube"


the parts are ready


install the disk withe the sanding paper, glued.

Make one small cover, if you like


install also the vertical sanding tube


put the helping and protect cover, in position


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I also made a "new" power supply.

From a PC you can take the power supply.

Keep the +5 and +12v connector as they are (you can use to the PATA hard disks),

and cut wires just from the 20 -24 connector



take one or two wires withe the same color to a new conector


use the green and a black to a switch (small one) to switch on the power

you cand see what means each color




Here is how i made the new conectors




the power source with the HDD sanding together



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Hi Captgino, the quality depends just of the sanding paper, i used one for long (it was a 100, and an other 180) Now i made some separate (i have to invalidate some old HDD) so i made some new sandings, also wit different grains. I also have some spare disks (from this, because in some HDD were 2-3 turntables) an i will prepare with new grains


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Oh, and don't forget about saving the very powerful magnets that show their magnetic strength almost completely on one side due to the properties of the mounting shield.


BTW, a hard disk spins at around 5000 to 7000 RPM.  Isn't that a bit fast for sanding?  Since they're DC motors, can you adjust speed by varying the voltage?

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Hi Bob i saved a lot of magnets, i use them, and are excellent (even from the SATA). Also i saved and try to use (i have ideas but not time) the bearings.

Cabbie, i did not thought about a tunbler, but i will take your idea and i will try.

Pat, the disk is not floating but there are well designed and seat ok, and parallel to the "desk".

The speed is fixed (5400, 7200 or 1000 RPM) depending of the hard disk (the motors are step motors and i will try to find some schematics to

see how to alter the speed). The motors are "strong enough".

For the power source i made (to the old power i used) a variable voltage output.

With this schematic, and i have to fix the radiator and the variable resitor, plus the 2 output connectors




I can try all the new ideas you will send to me

All the best to all. Cristi

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