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Glad Tidings Pinky by alde - Model Shipways

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Here we go with ship number 2. I am almost done with the Bounty Launch but wanted to set it aside for now to start something new. I had the Glad Tidings and the Armed Virginia Sloop on the shelf and decided to go with this one. I love the lines of this little schooner. I got it started with no trouble so far. Cutting the rabbit went pretty well. All the bulkheads are in place and the supports are going in. I should have the 2 halves together very soon and will start to plan the planking.


I hope to learn as much from this build as I did the Bounty Launch. I will do my best to keep the log updated and take as many pictures as possible. Sometimes I get carried away and forget. I'm sure I will have plenty of questions. I sure wish I had the skill and nerve to jump into a bigger project but I want to take it slow and build my skills. I also need to learn to slow down and take my time.


Thanks for stopping by. Please don't hesitate to point out anything that looks out of place or to ask questions about the kit or what I am doing. 







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I'm making a wee little bit of progress but nothing worth pictures right now. I am getting the bulkhead supports in and will get them nice a faired next. I will get a couple of progress pictures before the halves go together and another after. I am looking forward to getting the planking started.

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I got the hull halves together. The fit was pretty good and it went well. I have started fairing and that is going slow but pretty good so far. I really like the lines of this little ship. After the fairing the supports for the cabin and cockpit. Some of my bulkhead supports might be in the way but they should be easy to shim. I am a real wood butcher compaired to some of you guys but it's getting better. :)




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The fairing is going pretty well. The bulkheads are pretty thick which is really nice. It makes it much easier to see the hull shape up. I don't want to take much more off so I am checking it often with a piece of planking. Please excuse the messy bench. Maybe I will get it straightened out before I go much further.





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Well, I got all my deck beams in and that was easy enough but now it's time to plank the hull. I have read and re-read the instructions, read the Jim Roberts planking book and some on line information as well as some build logs. I'm still not sure I have a firm understanding of it.


I have sectioned off the 3 belts per the instructions and ran my battens. It looks to have a good flow and seems to match the plans pretty well. The plans have plank patterns and I may see how those fit but I want try spiling my own planks too. I have a proportional divider so I thought I could use it and tick strips. 


Am I going in the right direction? It seems that some of you guys pick this stuff right up and do a great job. I seem to be really planking challenged. Of course if I just did it and quite worrying about it I would be better off.






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Nigel, Thanks for putting a second set of eyes on it. it looks like if i use the plank patterns on the plans they will note close to fitting at least at the bow. they are way too wide. I am using my tick strip at each bulkhead and dividing it by the number of planks in the belt. I know this may seem elementary to some of you seasoned plankers but it's still voodoo science to me. :( It will be slow going but it looks like it will lay out according to the plans. 

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I should chime in as I used the plank patterns. They are larger than the planks, but that is good as you will want to shape and sand them into place, but they are not far off the mark.


If you decide to plank as you have mentioned above, if it was me I would spile the planks. You will be quite pleased with the result. 


I hope this helps.


- Tim

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Talk about slow going. I have taken almost 2 days to install 2 rows of planks on both sides. I'm sure glad this one will be painted. ;) I am using the patterns provided on the plans and if they are made to the line or just inside they size out right. I have been checking the width of each plank with a tick strip and my proportional dividers. It looks like a hack job compaired to some of you guys.


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I marked out all the plank lines on all the moulds like this: 


The patterns come pretty close but I had to kind of average the widths out a bit to see what fits and looks right. So not all fall right on their lines.

No one will ever know as long as one plank is not too wide, and the one next to it too narrow. 

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I am doing something similar but one row at a time. I have been dividing the belt into number of planks remaining at each station as I go. It's probably easier to do it your way. I also notice your battens don't sweep up as much as mine at the bow. I think the planks that I have set so far are pretty good but I may need to adjust that battens. Your plank run looks really nice. Mine will need much sanding. :(

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The planking slowly continues.I finished up with the upper belt and have started working my way up from the keel. I am pretty happy with the way it's going so far and it's definitely getting better and easier as it goes. I wish I got more time to work on it but really have a great time when I do.


Thanks for stopping in for a look. I hope to have more progress fairly soon :)  



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It's been a while since I posted to my build log. Progress has been a little slower than I would like but it's been moving along.


The hull is almost planked and I am pretty happy with it for the most part. I have been using the plank patterns provided in the plans and they are shaped pretty well but I ran into a bit of a problem. I did the upper belt first and then started working from the keel up and when  got to the middle I started to run out of room to get the correct number of planks in. I will be 3 planks short on both sides and some of the planks will be too narrow. I am basically faking them in. It will look alright but I'm glad the hull will be painted. It still has a nice shape to it.


What I should have correctly laid out the number of planks on each bulkhead and trimmed each on to fit the tick marks on the bulkheads correctly. It's a good lesson for next time and should be pretty easy to correct on the next build. 


Here are a couple of pictures as she sits now.




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Thanks Hamilton, it's great having another Glad Tidings builder stop in. There don't seem to be many builds of this ship and I don't know why. I think it's a great looking model and the kit is very nice. Maybe warships are just more popular. I can understand that with the detail and history of some of them. I like them too but thought this would be a great kit to learn from and it is.

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I agree - I wish there were more large scale models of working boats like the Glad Tidings.....I have the p.o.f. Emma C. Berry from Model Shipways, and I've built Corel's Flattie and Brittany Sloop - both were a lot of fun, and in a large enough scale (1:25) to add quite a bit of detail.


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