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Le Glorieux by Ray1981 - Plastic - Heller - 1:150

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Hi All,


Yesterday arrived this nice kit and I thought let make a build log from my progress. I havent seen this kit here on the forum yet so maybe it fun for other to see how much I'll struggle to get this job done. And maybe others will give me some ideas and recommendations.


It is my 3rd kit that im going to build and seems pretty difficult. And most probably its going to be more difficult when I will start with the rigging as far as I can see I will have to make some modifications to get that job done. I think I will order a dremel or such thing to drill some holes where needed, but thats for later. In the next couple of days I will start with some primer on the decks and hull and start painting the canons (there are 74). I will try (as I im trying to do with my Revell Bounty kit as well) to make the ship look like its used.

The kit the Heller develloped is the Le Glorieux at the time it was still from the French. This ship has been in a war in the Caribean during the time that the French and Spanish tried to conquerer Jamaica. But the English won and took the Le Glorieux in the fleet (so far about the hostory of this ship)


He some pictures of the kit:



The box



The hull















The sails, I'm not sure if I will use these. I like to make real sails but this kit is from plastic and I dont know if the masts can handle the weight of real sails. 



I printed some drawings in A1 format for a nice reference


Well I hope everybody will enjoy following this log. I will try to show the first progress soon.


Grtz Ray

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Wow great job from you two on the Superbe.


Lukas I like very much what you have done with the canons. Those small o-rings on those canons how did you do that? The hatches for the canons are very nice as well. I will going to read your log very detailed later on and after that im going to shoot of some questions ;)

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These are the smallest they have. What would you take for sizes of deadeyes and rigging blocks (forgive me if i call them by the wrong name)? 


I have a couple of deadeyes in order from 4mm and 3 mm plus a couple of rigging block of 2.5 mm. Im affraid those will not work for this scale. 


The eyelets are cheap about 4 GBP and I would pay 40GBP to send it to Brazil. So Im thinking to make a whole package if I would add small light things the transport costs will not change.

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I dont want to sound like a stubborn guy but im thinking about this a little bit and as by myself.


Would a brass wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm be riggid enough to make those eyebolts im wondering and than dont forget the diameter should be 0.7mm. 

I have a feeling this would be like a hair. Than when this would be possible it needs to be set on the boat. Im thinking it would be very fragile and those sets as mentioned before would be easier to handle. 


Im not saying its not possible but im a bit sceptic to be honest

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That is thin, Ray.  But if you go a bit bigger, silver solder the end closed it might just be what you need.  I'm not sure the photo etch can go that small.  Most plastic kits, the eyebolts are plastic and way oversize to begin with just for the strength reasons.  


I think that even Daniel's (Dafi) offerings in photo etch for 1:100 (Heller's Victory) might be a bit large.  Chuck's not offering photo-etch to my knowledge so I'm not sure where you can find something at the needed and still have the strength.   


The one thing about plastic models is that OOB the fittings won't take a lot of stress from the rigging so you might not be putting as much tension on them as you would with a wood model.   


To be safe, some testing would be needed....  

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Hey all,


This is a tiny update, I just came back from work and be home for a couple of days. I started today with the hull and take a good look on all the excessive plastic that need to be scrapped away. After I did a dry fit and I found out i got some little point left to do. After that time for cleaning and spray some primer.

I will use white primer from Revell because I decided to paint the hull with enamel from Revel. Im just not sure yet if I would do first the primer and than glue the two hull parts together or glue them first and apply the prime afterwards.




Hopefully in a couple of days a bit more results


Grtz Ray



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Hello all,


I was able to makea little bit of progress yesterday. And one thing was a dissaster. I started withthe lower gundeck because this deck will not be vissible this deck doesnt show any planking so I thought lets try to do this for myself hmmmm that was a bad idea. I used a exacto knife and started to make planks it doesnt came out as I wished to be. Further Iused some light wood color paints and when this was dry I painted over it with dark brown oil paint. 



The lower gun deck


Further I started with priming the second deck and the hull.






Soon more guys.


Grtz Ray


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Well today I started with painting the guns for the lower gun deck and it was experimenting to get those eyelets into the gun-carriage. This was very very cool to do and for the first time ever dooingsomething like this im not dissapointed in the result. Here the prototype:






So tomorrow I will do the same for the other 27 guns.






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Again a update guys I hope its not to boring for the people who follow this log. It was agian a bussy day.


I was able to finsih the 28 32-pounders for the lower gun deck.




I started with painting the hull as well, to get the color I liked I had to mix a little bit I took Revell nr15 and 16 and mixed them on a ratio of 7:4 to get the yellow sand color.




I tried to make the gun rigging as well with some blocks and thread. This was quite difficult and time consuming. I think I will use these block only on some of the 18-pounders on the 2nd deck and on the 16 8-pounders on the main deck





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well it is too shiny but maybe after drying that dissapear and i was hoping for a more warn out effect. Maybe a wash over this will create that effect.


I started like this




After the aint dried I painted it with oil paint a mix of dark brown and raw sienna. What I saw on youtube I looked much better as I have now. Probably I need a littl emore patience and see the result tomorrow if it is dry by then.





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