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Removing Blacken-It from Brass

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Mark, try rubbing with a fibreglass pencil brush then soaking them in ​Muriatic (brickies) acid for a while.  I was able to use this method with a bit of scrubbing with a toothbrush to remove some blackening (I used Birchwood Casey blackener) which had not worked so well in parts.  This got them back to near clear brass but it certainly was not as shiny a surface but a scrub with fine steel wool certainly resolved that :)  Please note this was not a deep blacken process as I notice the mottled effect before the full process had not completed.





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Hi Mark,


Why does it need reblackening?   If it needs this after a few years I would be worried about what happens once the parts are on board the model? 

Have you tried a pickeling solution?  I don't know that it would work on the blackened pieces, but I find it the best method of cleaning brass before blackening as it takes off any protective coating, finger oils, flux from silver soldering, etc,  and leaves a microscopically etched clean surface that blackens better than any other method.   Might be worth a try.



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The parts were blackened about 5 years ago and have taken a beating in the storage container.  Some turned green so I'm thinking of cleaning the crud off and blackening using the Birchwood Casey product.  I tried some acetone and also vinegar but doesn't remove it completely.


I'd just hate to toss all the nails and eyebolts, etc.

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Have you tried cleaning with a wire brush in your favourite rotary tool? I find this the best way to get a clean bright finish on the brass prior to pickling in vinegar. I used this also on the refurbishment job I'm doing at the moment, and it worked really well.

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