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ARGHH!!....Making A Mouse For Stays

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Yes there is. Embarrased that I can't link you to the log here at MSW, but I added these pics to my how-to folders. If anyone can lead bigcreekdad to the log that would be great. 


I also attempted to do a mouse in my build log, before seeing the photos below. I will try this new better method for the mainmast.



http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/329-wasa-by-md1400cs-corel-175/page-59 scroll to bottom of page


hope that these help





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That method looks very much like one posted years ago, I think at the old Dolphin Street site.  It was for the Victory by a very talented Japanese modeler who's name and information escaped me a long time ago.   In any case the method looks to be the same, and if not, it looks to work extremely well.  Well done!



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Capt. Poison. You win !! YES it was he. His builds are so "over the top" I went back through some of his amazing logs. That name just sorta struck me.


Here is the page





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