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The 32-Gun Frigate Essex (Anatomy of the Ship)

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I too have noticed bizarre fluctuations in the price of the anatomy of the ship books being sold online. I think you have to adopt the strategy of waiting and watching, keep going back to your online book resource and check the price as it fluctuates over time, and this will give you a better picture of the "going market rate". Clearly there is a species of mental delusion that grips some selllers and they believe they have a treasure of incalculable value when in fact they are selling commonplace stuff that should go for about $20.

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On 12/15/2016 at 6:13 AM, uss frolick said:

Portia's first book on the Frigate Essex, a softcover pamphlet reprint of her Ships in Scale articles from the 1980s, often goes for $100!

Sorry to revive a two year old topic, but I'm wondering if there is any difference in information between the hardcover AOS book and the older softvover one?

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Yes. Much. Night and day. The first was a beautiful artistic interpretation of the 1799 frigate, with limited application for a scholarly modeler, while the latter is a serious, updated naval architectural study. She corrected much of her old drawings, i.e., six windows instead of five, increased to number of, but decreased the size and spacing of the frames.

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I’ve got three formats of AOS books. Some are hardcover with Silver background on dust jacket and these solver dust jacket editions conceal a large format ship schematic on its inner jacket surface! So cool! Imagine my surprise then, when I purchased some other AOSbooks, these with white backgrounds on their dust jackets and these jackets had NO hidden drawings on their reverse side. Then I purchased a softcover HMS Victory AOS edition and these had gatefold covers, covers on front and back are folded in half and reveal larger hull drawings. So my advice is to try to get a silver background AOS book. My silver ones are from the year 2001 and, REMARKABLY, I could find no publication date on my two white background AOS books. 



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