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Wooden Warship Construction: A History in Ship Models-

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Came across this on Amazon, not yet published but it looks like it will be  the next book in the "A History in Ship Models" series that is being issued by the National Maritime Museum.  The titles issued in the series are thus far The Ship of the Line by Brian Levery, The Sailing Frigate by Robert Gerdiner and Warships of the Great War Era by David Hobbs. I have the three currently available and I am excited to get my hands on this new offering as soon as it becomes available. The books in this series feature dozens of excellent clear very sharp photos of great representative models from the Museums collections, used to illustrate the history of the subject. The text is pretty good if brief, the editors wisely erred on the side of good glossy illustrations and the text provides the historical overview with enough detail to satisfy but without overburdening readers like myself who are really just there for the rich imagery.




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Hi Frankie;


Thanks for posting this.  I too have the others,  and they are excellent.  The frigate and ship of the line books were published by Seaforth,  a wide ranging military/naval specialist.  This book is available for pre-order on Amazon uk,  but I notice it is published by the US Naval Institute Press.  Presumably the author got a better offer!  


All the best,


Mark P

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Thanks for sharing! Totally missed the news about this book. Pre-ordered now. I have a "sailing frigate" and "ship of the line", they are both quite good!

I am a little bit afraid that there would be lots of duplicated photos between those books, but let's hope for the best :) 

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The current issue of the NRJ (summer 2017 vol62.no2) has a nice review of this book.  I just finished reading through my copy and just like the other installments in this series I thought it was very informative and as usual had excellent pictures/diagrams and labeled photos.  I think this is my favorite book of the series.

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