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How to proceed with masts etc.


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Hi all


I am not sure if this goes into my log build or here, but I will take a chance.


I will soon be looking at starting on the masts on my HM Brig Supply, I am after some advice please as to should I place the masts at the start or build the mast furnishings and yard arms then fit the masts. I realise that some rigging has to be completed on the yard arms as such so I was checking how others proceed at this same point, Would welcome any feedback from supply builders who may have info to offer on a good way to work.


Many thanks



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It will boil down to what works for you. Many of us find it's easier to work the masts and yards off ship.  Get as much done as possible and then step.  Others go the other way and build the masting and yards up in place.    I personally find getting as much done off ship works best for me.

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I tried building masts and spars on the ship but turns out its 100 times easier to get as much done as possible before fitting to the ship. I build up everything for the masts, Then install them on the ship. Then I get everything done on the spars then attach them to the masts. Best of luck.

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I need some clarification...
I've built and rigged the blocks to the mast with the exception of the shrouds lines...
I am building the yards off model...
Should I add the shroud lines to the masts step the masts and set the shrouds before mounting the completed yards or attach yards to the mast, step them and then set the shrouds.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I agree with Mark. On my brig, I found it very useful to hang all of the yards, attach all of the upper shrouds, seize every block I could think of, run every running rigging line reasonable (lifts, clews etc) BEFORE I stepped the masts. I left the course yard off figuring it would be in the way when I rigged the lower shrouds that had to be done after the mast was stepped.


Rule of thumb. Better to work sitting down with the mast on your bench than standing hunched over a fragile ship and reaching into a maize of rope and spars.

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