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Liquitex modeling paste to prime a hull? (edited by admin)

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Hi, Les...

No, I have not, and I have never seen the need to.

I just sand my first planking with coarse sandpaper to make it a bit rough, so the second planking adheres better.

I use wood glue and nothing else all the time. Dedicated wood glues, (Titebond, Elmer's, Gorilla) make a very strong bond when used on clean wood to clean wood.

Never had a problem in my past 4 builds, or the completed hull planking in my present Royal Louis.

Hope this helps.


Best regards.

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Im curious about this topic too since I know acrylic modeling paste is stable and a viable material for building up thickness in artistic painting. On the market and available in stores are a LOT of products that do the same thing: Spackle, wood filler, rock hard water putty, and many more. The acrylic though appeals to my sense of "archival" meaning its been formulated for painting -and thus longevity-and can meet standards of ph neutrality.

But on the other hand as far as I know it was never designed to be sandable and never dries to a very hard surface- the nature of the acrylic base is that its always going to be a little bit rubbery. I wind up using it in very small quantities for filling in very small gaps and fairing over joints I want to be smoother. But above a certain size of gap I dont think its the right material to select due to that rubbery factor and its sandability issues.

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When I did my Endevour (see link in signature) I first use modelling paste. Didn't liked it. Then I used sanding sealer as base and after this a lot of Tamiya plastic putty and Tamiya primer. This were on the upper part of the hull to get the high gloss shiny steal hull (not easy with wooden planking).

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