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Yes, I have. For deck planking. 

And I agree that the grain is very pronounced, but I disagree that you can have "scaled" wood grain. True to scale wood grain I don't think you can possibly discern.

As far as appearance, it depends on what you fancy. 

Although, I admit I'd probably not use it again, once all the deck furniture and guns and rigging are added, it still provides some character and texture to the deck, which otherwise might be flat and dead looking. 

Not sure I'd plank a hull with it. 




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given where you are,  I wonder if you can access a local

country sawmill and find a supply of two species from

your region that have a more suitable grain, are both closed pore,

low contrast, tight grained and between the two have a color



Yellow Cedar


Though seriously expensive for we easterners, it could be

$5 /BF or less for you.

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My theory:

country sawmills sell for less - given retail markup - maybe half.

The rough - pre planed lumber is thicker and if you band saw

resaw, the yield can be greater.

The downside is that if it is an active concern, the stock is green.

If it is a relaxed operation, there may be old air dried stock in ricks.


Edensaw does have Madrone and Yellow Cedar  but > $10/BF

It does look like you can get Hard Maple for about what I can

and it is a reasonable substitute for Boxwood - for everything but

carving. - i.e. timbers, planking, beams, knees

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Madrone seems to be pricey because of the yield... finding long straight pieces of sufficient diameter.  Also, it needs a long, slow period to cure out or else it splits and warps.   I've read where that some harvestor actually bury the madrone for a year to slow the curing process.   On the other hand, I have about 3/4's of a cord of the stuff for firewood that's not much useful for anything else. ;)

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