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Artillery Tractor Mazur D-350 by Captain Slog - Card Model – 1:25 Scale (Build Log?...kind of)

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I thought I would jump on the non-ship model build log bandwagon (or stage coach / bus if you prefer!) to try and bring more awareness to card models on the site.

The artillery tractor is in the popular card vehicle scale of 1:25 which provides quite sizable models depending on the subject (rail guns are absolutely massive!)  Detail wise I would say this model falls somewhere in the middle as probably more detailed than others but not as detailed as say a Halinski Sherman.





I was working on this prior to the Borodino until the build stalled doing the road wheels as these are pretty complex and a real head scratcher to work out the assembly.  Once I understood the orientation of the individual wheel spokes it became a struggle to fit them hence it being placed on the back burner.  Saying that, I haven’t forgotten about it and as my card modelling experience increases I am feeling more and more confident in revisiting it and finishing them off.  The main problem with tracked vehicles is the repetitive tasks such as multiple wheels and numerous track links which can be soul destroying.

The following series of photos show my total progress to date and covers 293hrs spread over 2 years and I last worked on it in June 2016 (as you can see I am not a quick builder LOL)  But will start chipping away at it again besides working on Borodino.


The main chassis with all the running gear attached.  The box structure consists of laser cut forms skinned as usual and multiple components cut, formed and attached using all the same techniques as covered in my Borodino log.  Thankfully I haven’t had to resort to painting except for the normal edge colouring (and the tracks which I will discuss below) and hope to finish it without painting.







Underside showing inspection hatches with 0.8mm laser cut card hexagonal nuts.  I actually find the repetitive nature of gluing and placing nuts very relaxing/soothing LOL. The 0.8mm nuts are the limit I can work with.  I also have 0.6mm laser cut nuts but try as I may I just can’t work with them.





Here is a selection of the various wheels showing the drive sprockets, rear idlers and track return wheels.  There are a surprising amount of parts used to make up just these wheels alone.





For the road wheels I had gotten as far as making up the 20 rims, the hubs and a trial of the wheel spokes before the build stalled.  The 20 completed wheels in 10 pairs will consist of 250 individual parts.





The tracks of these vehicles can be soul destroying depending on how you tackle them (some kits have laser cut track links available).  In this case the kit book provided 2 options. The 1st and easiest option is to make the tracks from continuous strips of printed paper, doubled up for thickness or option 2 which is to build each individual track link. Of course being a masochist I choose this option as I think they look better and have a more realistic shape and weight to them.  It goes without saying the time and effort required is far greater. 


The tracks consist of approximately 162 individual links (81 per side) and are held together with brass wire as link pins.  Very happy how these are turning out as the track is fully flexible and it contours over your fingers etc.  Due to the tedious nature of doing 160+ links I would tackle each step over a period of time coming back now and again to finish one step before moving on to the next.  I still have to add the grousers (treads – x4 per link) and the guide horns (1 per link) which are shown in the photos.  (Parts count on the finished tracks will be 1,620 give or take!)


I haven’t edge coloured these as I always planned on painting and weathering the tracks and as mentioned, hopefully the only thing to be painted.





Some photos showing it all loosely together.  I will probably start adding the track grousers and guide horns next as a precursor to getting the road wheels done.  The base of the crew cab also utilises laser cut card formers, although not necessary as the kit (as usual for all card models) supplies the templates for making your own.  But the convenience, fit and accuracy of laser cut forms far out way the minimal extra cost.







There is a vast array of card vehicles available for all interests and I suspect cover more obscure or less known prototypes than what’s available in plastic.  The usual suspects are also available.  The comparatively low cost and larger scale are also appealing and if painted are indistinguishable from similarly painted plastic kits.  Due to the sheer number of parts to do one of these kits you certainly get your money’s worth in build time for relatively little outlay.






HM Bark Endeavour (First Wood, On Hold)

Borodino (1:200 Card, Current Build)

Admiral Nakhimov (card 1/200)

Mazur D-350 Artillery Tractor (1:25 Card) 

F-8 Crusader (1:48 Aircraft, Plastic)

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Hey howya goin Slog mate, wow is what you made all card stock?   :bird-vi:

I'm probably not going to live long enough to build all these but I'm BLOODY going to try HAHAHA.


Future Builds: The Schooner Bluenose, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (Gene Bodnar practicum - Plans from modelshipbuilder.com)

                       HMS Victory, scale 1:64 or 1:48, POF Scratch Build (John McKay's plans)


Current Builds: 42ft Longboat Armed for War 1834, scale 1:36 POF Scratch Build (Plans from A.N.C.R.E.) 

                        Galley Washington 1776, scale 1:48, POF Scratch Build (NRG's Plans)

                        Ragusian Carrack, scale 1:59, POB kit (MarisStella)

                        King of the Mississippi, scale 1:80, POB Kit (Artesania Latina)

                        HMS Snake 1797, 18 Gun Sloop of War, scale 1:64, POB Kit (Jotika/CalderCraft)


Current Build: Stage Coach 1848, scale 1:10, Kit (Artesania Latina) Shhh don't tell the Admins I'm building this I'll hide it here ^under this line^ so they don't see it HAHAHA.



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Hi Eddie, thanks for the comment.


Yeah, all paper and card.


The coloured parts are the kit book supplied bristol paper and the laser cut forms (1mm thick if I remember) are optional extras.  If you don't use the laser cut stuff you would need to supply the relevant thickness of card and glue the templates onto for cutting to shape.  Some of the provided parts also need to be laminated on to card to bring to the correct thickness.  Food packaging from the kitchen usually supplies that.


Brass rod is needed for the axles and a few details and you would need some clear plastic for the 'glass'








HM Bark Endeavour (First Wood, On Hold)

Borodino (1:200 Card, Current Build)

Admiral Nakhimov (card 1/200)

Mazur D-350 Artillery Tractor (1:25 Card) 

F-8 Crusader (1:48 Aircraft, Plastic)

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very interesting project Slog......I like tanks... :) 

I yam wot I yam!

finished builds:
Billings Nordkap 476 / Billings Cux 87 / Billings Mary Ann / Billings AmericA - reissue
Billings Regina - bashed into the Susan A / Andrea Gail 1:20 - semi scratch w/ Billing instructions
M&M Fun Ship - semi scratch build / Gundalow - scratch build / Jeanne D'Arc - Heller
Phylly C & Denny-Zen - the Lobsie twins - bashed & semi scratch dual build

Billing T78 Norden


in dry dock:
Billing's Gothenborg 1:100 / Billing's Boulogne Etaples 1:20
Billing's Half Moon 1:40 - some scratch required
Revell U.S.S. United States 1:96 - plastic/ wood modified / Academy Titanic 1:400
Trawler Syborn - semi scratch / Holiday Harbor dual build - semi scratch

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