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Xebec by puckotred - Amati - Scale 1:60

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A new build so I have something to do while waiting for Vasa parts.


I ordered this from Maristella and apart from the excellent service Mr. Pavlovich offers I believe that they offer the best prices in Europe. 

My only regret is that I did not order one of Marisstellas own kits instead. But then again I have a reason saving up money for that in the future.


The Xebec is the smallest shipmodel I have had so far. But the rigging is something that I for some reason wanted to try out. And it will be like a practice before I go on with my Pinco Genovese that is more like a semi scratch build from Euromodel Como.


Here's the pics:




They updated the older kit from 1027 to 1427.




There are 4 sheets of plans. 3 and 4 are of the updates.




Instructions in Italian, but there is a paper included with the English translation.



Bits and pieces:






Ships boat:



Wood, Looks like good quality.



And we're underway!!!




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Ondras71: I hope I won't disappoint you :)


Antony: As far as I can see the quality is outstanding. I usually tend to get all the kits with lots of faults but this time I hit jackpot. Will post pics of material details later on.


Julie: You're welcome to follow along... ^_^



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Thanks for dropping by Don Jane, Ron and Jan 


I was getting tired of ratlines actually...


This is how far I got yesterday:





The poop deck was a really bad fit, but I guess that the update is to blame. No biggie, just had to sand a little. And all misalignements will be covered by deck planks.






And now the facepalm; I was going to plank the deck this way:



But I forgot that and glued the deck in place. :huh:

To get the pattern above one really has to split the deck in two and plank each half seperately. Now, when the deck is there it's too much trouble to plank this way. Oh well, next time...


The Xebec will have a regular deck planking now...



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Nothing too exciting, Just deck planking getting underway.










It takes forever with all these grate openings on the deck.

And the false deck is smaller than it should be, so I have to glue on extentions so I can lay the planks all the way out to the hull.

Just want to be sure there's no empty spaces later on...


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It felt like it took ages, but now the deck planking is done. (Well, it was done right after I took the photo)




Now I can get underway with the hull:




Then I decided to clean up the deck and use a little Tungoil:








I think it turned out to be acceptable.




Planking on this model is quite easy. (Witch is nice since I suck big time at this.) 

Almost no tapering necessary...






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Thank you tasmanian and Clare



I finished the lower part of the hull.




I suspect that I switched two frames in the middle. You can see the "bump" on the left of the picture.

Still got the upper part of the hull to plank. After that I'll fix the bump.


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