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  1. Mr. Pucko, I was waiting for a built of this ship! I'll pull up a chair, and watch it with very much interest to see it grow Ron
  2. A absolute winner! A treat to the eye, and the three colours brown looks great on her. You can be proud to make a not easy model looks like this. Ron
  3. Brian, maybe you could send a copy of your picture to Constructo, your box art is so beautiful! Far better than theirs! Maybe they can use it fore their box in the (far) future. Ron
  4. She looks great! About the sails, the flat bottom ships in those days carried mostly brown sails, or at least in a rather Tan stile. If you search on Google for the words "tjalk silhouette" there is a field full of pictures from those ships, most of them have brown sails. As a young boy, my parents did have a small flat bottom boat, and i have sailed in that for many years. It had also very tan coulored sails. Maybe this help with your sails making?
  5. I am thinking about building this ship. On any factory or shop site, i cannot find anything about the hull planking. Is this double planking method, or it is single layer planking or the more forgiving dubble layer, is there anyone who can tell us more about this? With Thanks, Ron-B
  6. Beautiful boat, and the way you presented her, in a way you can see them in real life! Congratiulations.
  7. My second wooden ship model. It was my goal to make a nice looking ship with sleek lines model out of the box from Amati-Victory models with nice decorations, just to enjoy looking at, not to the perfect scale details
  8. Fist layer looks good, especially at the bow ! Waiting for the next part. Ron
  9. Hi Terry, I would also say, use some thin strip glued on the bulkheads to fill up, and then sand for a smooth fairing. And mayby, use some balsa filler blocks for a larger glue surface and more smooth fairing. The total thickness at the gunports is ca 3,5mm ( first, second, and bulwark inner planking) Ron
  10. Hello Brian, Very nice ship, looks great! I attach some pictures from the Half Moon copy,i took at Sail Amsterdam last august. Maybe it give some idea's for detail. Regard, Ronald B
  11. Another note, the instructions say nothing in detail about the gunports and water spilling holes on the deck. Maybe an idea to place some material on those places, sand them flush, and then do the inner planking. Otherwise, you end up with a hollow space at those places, the metal gunport frames do not cover those openings competely. Ron
  12. Hello Nils, I did use 3 mm glass, "glued" with clear aquarium kit
  13. Hi A, Nice to see someone building this model too! I did the same cross-section last year may, and it was a realy nice first experience for me with a wooden model. Instructions were very clear, and with nice drawings too! Looking forward to follow the build, Ron
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