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Welcome aboard Daniel,


You have come to the right place.  This is a great site for learning/sharing tips and techniques.


Have you decided yet what you want to build? There are so many choices, wood, plastic, card.

Whatever you decide, make sure it has your interest and that you really want to build it.

That way you'll be more likely to get through the trials and errors.


One of our members, Adam (SkerryAmp) has created 'The Model Ship World Ship Kit Database'. http://mswshipkits.ampitcher.com/ 

You can search the database on skill level, manufacturer, scale, kit type etc. It is certainly worth having a look.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.






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Hello Daniel:

Welcome to MSW!...you'll find a friendly and very helpful group of ship modelers here.

You mention returning to the hobby after a long interlude...depending on where you are with your modeling, you may benefit from reading through the thread: "For Beginners--A Cautionary Tale"....I found it very helpful for me:

Best Regards,


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Hi Daniel and welcome.  I'm knew here myself, and like you I've taken up modeling after a very long time away.  I started a build log for an entry-level kit.  It's a little soft for a lot of modelers, but it works for me, and people here support you at any level.  


Have fun!  






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