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  1. Good evening to everyone after a long time, Ruby & Arthur Reed's epic does not end here, I recently attended the world shipmodels championship of class C in Galati 1-9 September Romania where this model was judged by an international judging committee with a score of 87.66 for class C2. This contest took place 20 kilometers from my home. Some pictures on the jury table below. All the best and a nice evening still. Adrian.
  2. Good evening for everyone, because next week I will go to the national championship class C in Constanta, Romania, I made for my ship a protection case. It will not be my only ship in the contest, I'll see how they will fit in the car. All the best I wish for you and a beautiful evening still I wish you. Adrian
  3. Hello to everybody, work continues with the construction of half starboard. Because this yard has been trimmed and I have not built it whole. It is on this half that they build from the styrene strand of the ship. All the best you want. Adrian,
  4. Good evening for everyone, come back after two months of work. Because I'm building a part of the ship's bottom I started building the halfboard on the starboard. A nice evening . Adrian.
  5. Good evening for everyone, work goes on with the first elements on the ship's bosom. They followed the ribs, stringers, the central hook. I'll start making the second half of the starboard to work the ship's bottom. A beautiful evening still. Adrian,
  6. I know this museum ship on the web, I will use the site images for my construction. I'm a little jealous of you having such a treasure near your home. All good and a beautiful evening. Adrian,
  7. Yes, I have read this book for a long time through gymnasium and I was impressed, I recently found the film and it will be a source of inspiration to me. All the best . Adrian
  8. Good evening for everyone, work continues with the first elements of the ship's ribs. These tracks will catch the ribbons themselves. Everything made of the same styrene. A nice evening . Adrian,
  9. Good evening for everyone, I completed the first operation on this model, the plating. Follow the weight, mounting 107 ribs. A beautiful evening still I wish you. Adrian
  10. Yes, shipmodel, amateur you understand well I will build in the interior with the shell of styrene fillets and add ribs, stringers, keel and all the ship's bosom. As I said before, this way of building is a premiere, if I succeed will be a great success, if I can not succeed it will be a big failure. For the ship's cornice I will use 0.25 mm styrene corresponding to 1/48 scale. A beautiful evening still. Adrian,
  11. Good evening for everyone, work continues with the making of sheet metal patterns . I counted 109 pieces of work. Work hard and roughly piece by piece. A beautiful evening I still want you. Adrian,
  12. Good evening for everyone, work goes further with finishing the ship's body and drawing the ribs on the body. I'm going to trace the sheets of each sheet of paper after the plane of the sheets. A beautiful evening still. Adrian,
  13. Good evening again, my time is limited, I accelerated and finished loading the ship inside. For finishing I will use a little bit of polyester putty. So much for today, a beautiful evening to have. Adrian,
  14. Good evening, and for me as a navy model is a premiere this way of work but some time ago I saw in a small shipyard this working method in which pieces of the ship were made on a negative. Now the shipyards are working on designing and cutting materials by computer and the old methods of work have become ineffective. All the best , Adrian,
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