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1/350 Trumpeter Warspite


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I have the Trumpeter 1/350 Warspite and am wondering what after-market photo etch upgrades are out there that are compatible with this kit. Everything I've seen is geared to the Academy version. I wonder how much trouble I will have if I use the Academy photo-etch?  Thoughts?


Thanks - Scott

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Hi Scott,


I'm new to NRG and wooden ship modeling, but have dabbled in plastic and resin for some time.  If you're not aware, there's another modeling site that tends to focus more on "modern" warships, primarily plastic and resin, and I've found the guys there very helpful (like NRG guys).  There's actually a specific thread there on the Queen Elizabeth class battleships:



If you don't get a response here, you might try asking over there.  Moderators, I trust I'm not violating forum policy by linking to another site, if so please delete and I'll refrain from doing it anymore.






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El Cid, we're aware that we're not the #1 source for info on plastic models, but we do enjoy seeing them built. So I hope Scott will share his build log here in addition to any other sites he chooses.

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

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- Tuco

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I've never tried it myself, but my guess is that most all the Warspite photo etch sets will work with the Trumpeter kit. There may be certain pieces included with the various sets that won't work without some modification, but most parts are generic enough you should not have a problem, like ladders, armament, railings, etc.

If you buy a wooden deck, make sure that it is specific to your Trumpeter kit as those are designed specifically for the particular kit.


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