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S-100 Schnellboot by CDW (Craig) - FINISHED - Plastic - Revell - 1:72

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My next project. I should have bought this model a few years ago when they were plentiful because now, they are hard to find. I shopped around until I found one on Ebay from Russia.

This particular set included the Griffon Model comprehensive detail set.

I cleaned up the photo etch sheets in my sonic cleaner and am ready to begin assembling the boat.




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The torpedo tubes at the bow of the boat get a little work over to correct some of the kit deficiencies. Again, this requires some surgery. There are some photo etch outlines that go to the front of the tubes. I first glue those PE pieces in place with acrylic glue, then use the inside outline as a pattern to drill small holes all the way around allowing me to cut out a proper opening in the plastic.






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Added the gun tub detail to the forward deck including the ammo racks. Added the rail stanchion base plates and a new hatch, then gave everything a gray base coat for the decks. Put some base color paint on the center superstructure and will now begin adding all the detail bits and pieces. Lots of folding photo etch to do.






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Not a lot of progress lately on the model. Been getting the yard, side and back patios ready (spring cleaning) for an upcoming birthday party for one of our grandchildren. Here is the current state of the ship. Trying out some Flory Models weathering pigments. Keep in mind, I have much shading, paint detailing, and weathering to do before its anywhere near finished. 

I could have put a lot more detail on those torpedo launchers seen at each side of the cockpit area (last picture), but they are so darn hard to see it hardly seems worth doing too much. Will try to make sure and give everything on the deck attention to detail where it can easily be seen.












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Another week and this one should be finished. I can see light at the end of the tunnel now.

My aftermarket set has replacement railings for the model, in the form of photo etch stanchions and either very small diameter wire or thread. After looking it over carefully and dry fitting some of it, I thought the 2 dimensional photo etch stanchions looked out of place at this scale. They seem to look great on 1:350 scale models, but at 1:72 scale the 2 dimensional look leaves something to be desired in my judgment. So I used the kit supplied railings which are not perfect by any means but a better alternative in this case I think.



DSCN0694 edited.jpg

DSCN0695 edited.jpg

DSCN0696 edited.jpg

DSCN0697 edited.jpg

DSCN0698 edited.jpg

DSCN0699 edited.jpg

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I have no idea what the disk on the bow represents. I tried to find reference detail for it and came up empty. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about E-Boats can chime in and shed some light on the subject.

The kit supplied some decals but somehow I have managed to misplace them. I feel certain once I begin cleaning up my work space they will show up and if not, will just have to order an after market set. Decals for a 1:72 E-Boat are few and far between as far as choice is concerned. An offering from Peddinghaus in Germany, and that's about all that I can find. I have some good flags left over from other builds that will work just fine. 

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Today I made a battle flag by cutting a small piece of aluminum foil, shaping it a bit to simulate a flag flapping in the wind, then applied the Kriegsmarine battle flag decals to both sides of it before attaching it to it's mast. Rather happy with the way it came out but not so happy with trying to freehand the swastika on the flag as the Germans (Revell-Germany kit) cannot reproduce it on the decal I suppose. The aluminum foil was so delicate I had to be careful when drawing the swastika not to ruin the flag by piercing or folding it.



DSCN0701 edited.jpg

DSCN0702 edited.jpg

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