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Scale figurines and deck accessories

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Hi all, am currently building the Sergal Mississippi Riverboat 1:50 model. Given its not an actual real boat I am thinking I may like to put figures on the model. does anyone have any sites where I could get the correct scale and period figures for this? time period would be 1870-1890 odd. Am thinking along the line of fancy ladies and gentlemen etc. strolling the upper decks, plus maybe ships boys tending the fire buckets etc. and captain in the wheel house type of stuff.





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give it a chance and Google :    Preiser 65303 

                                             Preiser 65302


The figures are in period fashions around 1900 and in Gauge "O", which I think is scale 1:43, available in worldwide web shops (do`nt know in down under)



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Hearns hobby shop under the arches at Flinders St Station in Melbourne - down Flinders St walking away from Swanston St. I think it's still there, and might have the figures you need, intended for model railways. As Kurt says, "O" gauge is 1:48 - close enough to 1:50.


Maybe you could phone them and find out (saves you a trip to Melbourne if they don't).



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My bad. It appears Hearns only have OO HO and N gauge (1:87, 1:76 and 1:148).


But there are two worthwhile looking modelling shops in Ballarat which might be worth a phone call - Collector Models in Canadian and Harpers in Harold St Wendouree. There's also Toyworld in Howitt St and Handcrafts and Collectable Models in Sturt St, though they don't seem as likely.


And it still might be worth contacting Hearns in case they can get O gauge figures in for you.


But maybe the Net is your best bet. There are plenty of overseas suppliers if you do a search for O gauge Victorian figures.



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Preiser, in my view, makes the best figurines. However, they focus largely on 'railway' scales, namely 1:220 (Z), 1:160 (N), 1:120 (TT, limited range), 1:87 (HO), 1:43 (O, limited range), and 1:22.5 (LGB). There is also a military range for 1:72 scale aircraft. The availability of these figures made me choose 'railway' scales for my shipmodels. They do large sets of unpainted figures that are cheaper per piece and a good starting point for conversions. There also 'academy' sets in various scales, which are naked figures broken down into body-parts that can be assembled to your gusto and 'dressed' using the usual sculpting techniques.


An example of using Preiser-figures is given here, for instance: http://www.maritima-et-mechanika.org/maritime/models/botter/botter.html#Creating_the_Staffage


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