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Le Coureur 1776 by Heinrich der Seefahrer - Shipyard - 1/96 - CARD - French Lugger and additives

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Hello friends,


I'm starting a project here is mixture of research and building.

As I came from the plastic kit bashing side of the modelling society I'm fed up with the chequebook modelling destroing any creativity. So as I'm in a new less payed job I changed my mind to a more creative and less expensive theater of the hobby: cardboard modelling. The scale fits to my flat's size. Sorry for my bad English - I'm not rearly far away from my school standards 30 years ago.


Base of my project is the early Shipyard plan of Le Coureur the French lugger in 1/96. The little ship that was taken 1778 by HMCutter Alert - and what a nice and heartwarming thing it is that due to this find we have got the plans in the NMM. It is the basis of the Bourdriot monographie.


The are three important sources of knowledge for me strating in the modelship's world:


A. Petesson - Fore and After Rigging

B. Bouriot - Le Coureur Monographie

C. Friends of the Navy Museum - Plan (1960th?)

(D. a www-copy if the NMM-plan)


The Peterson shows the rigging of a bigger and in some details differing lugger from the same timeframe. 


The monographie is very good and well detailed - I decided to take the save route and ordered a new issiue at www.ancre.fr so the money was directly. with the drawer. And I was shure to get a complete set of plans.


The Paris Museum's plan is based on the Admirals Pâris drawings and showing a simpler rigging with a diffrend decks layout.


The NMM plan shows a superstructure in red on deck - the Shipyard kit shows hatches. Boudriot draws his particular part in dotted lines in one deck's sideview. I decided to trust in the NMM plan and in Ancre, too.


So I've figured out the kitmakers at Shipyard followed the plan of the Paris Naval Museum. The similarity of the stern decorations are also evident. 


So the list of errors, carenesslesses and force to construct a buildable cardboard kit've born an intersting fundament of a nice little ship. As I'm not a francophone person, I have got my. problems with the texts in the monographie. But from all the three sourced it seems to be the one of the highest quality. 


So here some first impressions for you about the similarity of the kit and the Paris Plan.


The sternview of the ParisPlan


Some picture from the Shipyard manual showing the missing badge


The “KateWinslet leaving step“ in the topview


same area in the manual 


5. my hobby ship yard.


These as some first impressions for you. At the moment I'm struggling with the lasercut cardboard hull and its plywood filling I've get tip in a German forum.








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ThTIfe story of het spill:

If you start fixing one problem a group of other is right then on hand starting to appear.


On the Boudriot drawings we have got a lying spill - on the Shipyard plan one standing with a white markingpoint on the deck. Even if I change thethe colour anybody will ask “Isn't this the scuttling plug?“

Here the deck plans and all the rst. So if I'm following the Boudriot plan I'll have to reconstruct the deck. Coat scuttlement is given by the kit, but I've to deal with contra-bent stave to get the round of the deck.

So there are wonderfull details of the lying spill.


So there is a very interesting detailing to do with this part.









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Here my progress on the kit. I cut the wood for the filling of the LC card parts. I have also to think about the drilling holes for the masts and how to, fis several parts onto the hull that will be under stress rom he rigging. There are rests of redwood plywood I use for the stressed areas.


The layers of the plywood for the filling are cut. So now I can start to strenghten the hull. Next step: glueing the hullparts rectangular. 

Here the position of the mast at first. Hope you like it.


Yours Heinrich






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I'm happy to see your build of this Shipyard paper model. I built the 1/96-scale HMS Alert kit, which has very similar construction, including the clinker planking. I've often thought about building Shipyard Le Coureur kit. After all, they did engage in battle. 


I will enjoy following your build here.

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today I was able to sand the LCparts and take some pictures during the build.


But I was able to copy the Boudroit plans to 1/96 and could compare the centerboard and the main frame and nothing fits!!!:default_wallbash:

So it's evident I'll have a plenty of work in front of me and a hard road to travel - in particular with the stern. We will have a special meeting with this part in the next text block.


At the bulkhead “I“ you can compare the unsanded left and sanded right side very well. 


The LCparts fit together very well and easily. The sides were glued together by Ponal Express with a shashlik pick.


Then I added superglue on the edges of the bulkheads and horizontal parts to make them hard. So I've been told they could be sanded with better results. And knowing it form plastic modelbuilding a black layer is a good contrast for sanding. 

On the stern picture you can see how important the sanding of horicontal parts will be to get the smooth surface before adding in the wooden filling parts. These will give the hull those thick bulkhead sides that paper's first layer willnot have any valleys between the bulkheads missing support. 











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adding pictures
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Here the diffrence between the stern at the Ancre plan and in the shipyard model.


I have to think abput fixing this problem before I start to work on the alternation of the stern.


I can leave away N° 34a and the “Kate Winslet stair“ but how to repair these stern part?


Can I copy the outline of part 35 on cardboard, adding stripes of vaneere to a planking and rebuilt the right appearance here?







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Here I collected the drawings related to construction and planking of the stern. So its not only the problem of adding the planks - the have also to be bent in the right way, too.

Then I'll have to pick out the right coulor fot the painting what is to me the simplest task:

Revell, brown matt N° 86 :pirate41:




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On 30.9.2017 at 8:05 PM, catopower said:



I'm happy to see your build of this Shipyard paper model. I built the 1/96-scale HMS Alert kit, which has very similar construction, including the clinker planking. I've often thought about building Shipyard Le Coureur kit. After all, they did engage in battle. 


I will enjoy following your build here.

Thanks for your intrest in this kit building. But in contrast to Alert the Coureur based on the plan of the Society “Friends of the Paris Naval Museum“. That plan does figure a model from the collection in Paris what is built from/behalf on a simplyfied rigging and a hull based on plans of Eduard Pâris which are outdated to our standards. Boudriot figured out, that Vizeadmiral Pâris might not have known the NMMplans of the captured Lugger. 


So a purchase of the Jean Boudliot monographie of Le Coureur and do the jumping in the unknown waters of scratchbuilding might be, your best way to come to a proper model of Le Coureur. The Sipyard kit is a pile of errata and my biildimg woll be also mass. This because the kit and the  Boudriot plan are abke to come closer zhan they are by investing a plenty of time and minduse but is it worth it?


I'm interested in my mini-building skills and in cardmodelbuilding so I will figure out if paper may be the right material for me.




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10 hours ago, captgino said:

Nicely done!  I have this kit on the shell (in wood) 

I will be watching your progress. 

Thanks a lot, captgino! I'll try to put more detail in there - I found also pictures with oares stored outside. So I can try here a plenty of detailwork.

So lets have a short view on the stern detailing that must be done to get a realistic looking result.

Here all the drawings in side- and frontview (the topviews seen to be redundand).


The moulding above the window imitates might be made from one pice of wood. The outside framing looks like it'll belock a bit more complex as the hole sternplate is convex - so it will be best to use a pice of thin plywood as fundament to be pöanked with vaneer from both sides laterally reversed. So in the quite simple looking stern is a plenty of work to be done. I'll see, what I could cheat for a drawing from the Sipyard former plan.






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Next step filling the gaps with my precut softwood plywood. There will be some valleys ealsy to see here: on the very first mould at the middle horizontal board. But that's part off the yjob too get a solid hull - sanding, sanding and sanding again.



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Hello friends, as I'm back  from nearly a hole weekend in bed I started to fill the spaces in the LC-parts with soft plywood. Here thethe first pictires of this rough job I did this evening.


I cut out the quare of the mast from “millimeterpaper and fixed it to the board. So I had a little edge to positionate the birchplywoodblocks fixing the mast.

But zhe litzle pices of papervstarted to “swim“ on the cyanic glue and moved slightly.


I repeted this for the foremast with superglue solken softwood plywood.





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pictures added
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Here the filling of g the hull a very rough start with soft plywood and cyan glue.


I am not shure if I can show the real idea of the filling of the hull. I not shure if I can san the deck's basis so that I can rescue the tiny endingttops. 





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Hello friends of the Le Coureur. 

As my wife was badly ill we spent nearly 1.5 year affraid - now everything is trying to get normal. So we both webt back to our hobbys she with the meaning of training her fingertops to feel again. Me to destress my self.

So I'm searching arround to get all the marterial on hand again and catch the line were I stopped nearly one year ago.

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What is making my grumpy is still the stern and in particular the difference between Boudrot's plan an the kit's reality. Coloured outside and innterside of the transom. With windows on a ship with no cabin in the back. The windows are complete phantasy, illusion or fake - but no glas. It may be there was glas efore he black painted wooden planks but there was no window's opening.

This isn't the only problem - the distance between windows top and the transsoms top differs. So there seems nothing to be but redesigning the true (Boudriout) transom in the  shape of the given shipyards kit.

Before doing further work on the hull I'm trying to do some work with pencil and transparent paper to join the construction process again.IMG-20180916-WA0015.thumb.jpeg.853279598817a4ec52c4e1b5df23d67a.jpeg

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