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Something I have always wanted to try


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  I have in the past made vocal my desire to build a wooden model ship, so my girlfriend who apparently was listening ordered me an Amati Drakkar. I, not having done much research about the subject, was happy to discover that this seems to be an appropriate choice for a first time project. Single deck, minimal rigging etc...

  I have been preparing to start for a couple of weeks, sourcing tools, setting up an appropriate workspace, reading a couple of books, translating the plan digrams, and doing some research which has lead me here. 

  My goal is to attempt, through research, to create a historically accurate representation of a Drakkar longship. So learning how to make rigging lines look realistic, possibly the correct type of tannin that would have been made for dying the sail, how to make the wood look like the oak these ships were made from.

    I am looking forward to the challenge this presents, and am excited to start picking some brains about this wonderful hobby!

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First a warm :sign:

You have a great girl friend and her choice of model.

On Amatis website they have video instructions of the build. All the way through. There are also many build logs in here.

Research will be necessary and maybe reaching out to the curator at the museum in Denmark.

Good luck.

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Welcome to MSW! Starting that first ship model is both exciting and maybe a little scary as there is a lot of unknowns on these types of models. No worries as you are in the right place! Plenty of knowledge here and friendly people to help you figure it all out. Take your time, read through the instructions many times and always look ahead when building. Above all have fun! I look forward to seeing your build!

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