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We have a cabin in northern Michigan. Our property is quite wooded and there are many downed trees in the forest. There is walnut, oak, and maple, besides poplar, cedar, birch etc. I burn quite a bit of it in our wood stove.


I've often wondered if this downed, long dead, wood could be used for modeling.


Any thoughts?


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4 hours ago, rpeteru said:

Depending on where you are there is also the chance some individual has use the tree for target practice. Have seen many clips of people milling local timber only to find lead pellets or shot in the felled trunk.

A saw should go through a lead bullet or shot like a hot knife through butter, but iron nails will make a believer out of you!

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Downed trees, in contact with the ground, have a near continuous supply of water and recycling is likely. You may find that fungus and boring insects do not leave much useful wood.  The species that you list are pretty much all available commercially as seasoned lumber.  The work expended using ad hoc tools might be more efficiently expended on species not readily available from commercial dealers.  Fruit wood, hawthorn, boxwood, hornbeam, honey locust, dogwood  The Maple, Beech, Birch might provide branched stock, that at larger scales, provide naturally curved pieces for knees, hooks, catheads, etc.

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