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Vasa by Wiktor.L - DeAgostini - 1/65

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I m making the models with the 2-3 weeks system ( 2 weeks only scotish, 2 weeks only vasa)

If you want to see previous stages of build watch this: http://santisimatrinidad.jun.pl/viewtopic.php?t=2242&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 (polish)

I m in the 48 number of dea book.

*** oppossed to instructions i stains the planks, because instruction watch of the vasa not satisfied me (PAINT ALL HULL WHAT???)

And the stage that i was most afraid of began. The planting of the 2 layer planks.  Result was really satisfied me.  Planks are from the kit, stained by oak colour, caulikng was a pencil methody, before a glue i moistend th water outside page. What do you think about it?














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I encounetred a mistake. First time i regret i did not do it in the instructions. Planks system was spoils



Make that formed whatever be like http://santisimatrinidad.jun.pl/viewtopic.php?t=2039&start=0

This on my base is not correct, i know it has to be arranged as it want.

What i can do? 100% i pluck one plank because it 3mm incorrettly set, and after fenders willl cover badly planks, and after paint the subwater part of the ship? (ONLY SUB WATER, HIGH LEVEL IS IN NATURAL WOOD).

I wanted to work well, as always... What do you think?









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Do yourself a favor and STAIN those white first layer of planking before putting on the second layer. This way if you get a plank that might have a small gap between them once you lay it down, it won't stick out like a sore thumb. Try and stain it as dark or darker than the second layer of planking. Just a little tip. 

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Yes, if you look at the 4th and 5th photo above, you can see where two of the planks have a small gap between them. You can clearly see the planking underneath, if it were stained a darker color, you wouldn't notice it. You did a fantastic job on the stealers and such. Very good planking job so far.

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I am building the Di Agostini Vasa and am waiting for pack no 11. This is the second time I've waited several months for my next pack - very frustrating! And I apologize very much for not posting any photos. I will do that as soon as I can!

Whatever you do - don't paint the ship in that disgusting brown colour!

I stained the hull with an oil-based stain in teak colour. I chose that because I liked the quite yellow colour - reminded me of the model in the Vasa museum. But the hull is not that yellow. I painted it twice and got a brown colour which I really like. I imagened that the oak in the hull must have been heavily  tarred to resist the saltwater.

I did not manage to line the cannonports with the small lists as suggested. Impossible to glue them, most of them fell into the dark void behind the hull!

There is one thing I need some comments on.

The suggestion is to use CA-glue for the ratlines. And paint it black to get rid of the glueblobs.

I have never seen that Before.

What are your suggestions?





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I dont like brown paint on Vasa instructions, beacuse that i glue the pre-stained planks. That stain: d%C4%85bz.jpg

Stained the hull with 50% opaque oil paints its good to. Polish modeler used 50% opaque paint to, that its effect: http://santisimatrinidad.jun.pl/viewtopic.php?t=2039&start=8

And the polish dea page build: http://blog.kolekcjavasa.pl/zeszyt-nr-52/

Patience, once a month pack was deliver to you ;) I have 100+numbers. In the shop was 120.....

Tweezers, and you can glue that on place....

In this scale using only glue to the ratlines was..... :D In 1/65 scale must be the ratlines knot.


Good luck!



Whatever, i glue few planks, and stealer...









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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2019 at 11:44 AM, Wiktor.L said:


I end 13 government.










It should be:



I finished 13th row of planking.


(government= rząd, który rządzi w danym kraju,

row=rząd, np. drzew w lesie, żołnierzy w szeregu, itp...)

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