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how to make sacks and bundles

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I apologize up front for not knowing the link I once read. Over a year and a half ago I began my Bounty build. Started with great enthusiasm and determination. Then the heart attack and tremors occurred. Now I consider it fortunate if I can get in 15-20 minutes before the shaking is so severe carving or gluing pieces together is dangerous. I'm finally to the point of finishing off the hold and preparing the other levels for accessories. That said, I thought I remembered various members of this group giving ideas about making "sacks" and bundles and avoiding purchasing them. I've located the retied tea bag idea but am interested in other suggestions for a variety of sizes and types. It will be a challenge doing the detailed work but if it gets too frustrating I'll enlist the help of my better half who will be glad to see more progress on this build. I did make some crates and barrels and then poured molds to mass produce duplicates. The sacks would add one more dimension. Thanks for any reply and help. 

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Hang in there!


My hands shake from neuropathy but I find that if I keep working my brain seems to rewire itself.  My doctors agree that it is good to keep doing this kind of work to maintain dexterity.  I hope that you can continue doing something that you obviously like.



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I have used modelling clay to make sandbags for a 1/72 diorama


Something similar to this product:



Samuel Pepys notes in his diary on 19 July 1667: "the Dutch fleets being in so many places, that Sir W. Batten at table cried, By God,says he, I think the Devil shits Dutchmen."


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Sacks and bales are pretty easy to make from real cloth. Bales are the easiest - fold the cloth around some suitable filler material, glue it together on the bottom of the bale, and tie some rope around it. Sacks are easily made on a sewing machine. Sew three sides with the machine, turn it inside-out, stuff the pocket with cotton puffs or rice or whatever makes sense, and sew the end shut by hand. Below are a couple of examples from boats I've built:


Hope that helps -





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Dying cloth with tea look good for a short time - tea is very high in tannic acid and the cloth will be affected by the acid and it will deteriorate.  It's happened to sails that have been dyed with tea.


Check out Sculpy clay.  You can shape it to the shape of a sack and then bake it in the oven to set it.  Hobby Lobby and such stores carry it.  Many colors so you might not even have to paint it.

Kurt Van Dahm






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