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Greetings from sunny San Diego! (couldn't resist)


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I found this forum recently after buying a Dapper Tom kit.  This isn't my first kit however.  I build a Revell plastic Constitution when I was about 13.  Spent all summer working on it.  Lots of mistakes of course, but no one else seemed to notice.  I was hooked. 


I read the top article on this topic and laughed because it perfectly described my next experience 25 years later.

My first wood kit was Bluenose II.  It was a completely different experience and again, lots of mistakes, but something I displayed on my mantle for years.  That went so well I attempted the Cutty Sark.  I picked if because I have actually walked the decks of that ship.  Oh dear what a trauma that was.  I never got past the hull planking.  It got put aside when life got busy (daughter).  Seven years later I purged my garage and the kit was one of the casualties, along with the completed Bluenose that had been repeatedly been damaged over the years (daughter :) ). 


Its been another 20 years and with retirement I am trying again.  I researched beginner kits this time (and avoided planked hulls) and I chose the Dapper Tom.  I have shaped the hull and put down and finished the primer to a silky smooth finish.  Just need to figure out colors now.


I was hoping to find some build logs on this kit to help me along the way.  The reviews for this kit said the instructions were very complete and highly detailed.  I am not finding that to be the case, at least for my novice knowledge.  Pictures tell the story and I have been partially successful searching the internet for clues.


I am not squeamish about creating a build log as a novice and putting all my struggles on display.  I'll get to that soon if members here think that is a beneficial thing to do.  Hopefully I'll get comments and guidance along the way, get some answers to my inevitable questions, and help prevent another kit from being banished to the garage.


Looking forward to this adventure....





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