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Pictured below are the 3 models I have built in the last 3-4 years. Before that it had been decades since I last built a model & they were all plastic planes with plenty of gluey fingerprints.

So I am now in the middle of building Bluejacket's schooner "Atlantic" with most of the hull and deck work done. Since I had no experience with really complicated rigging I signed up for the rigging class offered by Nic Damuck of Bluejacket Shipcrafters and am really happy I did. Great course. I like photographing different stages of my models and would like to start a build blog but have never blogged before so if anyone has any advice about that I would greatly appreciate your input. Right now blogging seems as complicated as rigging! 

I learned about NRG at the rigging class and am hoping it is a good resource for my many questions that are sure to arise.


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Welcome! A build log in the appropriate forum is a great way to show us your work , ask questions etc. (there is a way to properly name it with instructions pinned at top of the sub forum) Nice pictures btw


Shipwrights of Central Ohio


Current Build: ...

Completed Builds: Queen Anne Barge - SyrenPinnace - MSHalifax 1768 - LSSMurrelet - PygmySwift 1805 - AL 

Future Builds: Surly (because i'm definitely not so Cheerful), Echo cross-section.....


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Welcome to MSW, Jerry.


As Chris said, there is no formality to a log.   Show what you're building as you build it is about it.  Asking questions in the log is the best way as your log is reference for answers.  

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

Current Build:                                                                                             
Past Builds:
 La Belle Poule 1765 - French Frigate from ANCRE plans                             Triton Cross-Section   

                                                                                                                       USS Constellaton (kit bashed to 1854 Sloop of War  _(Gallery) Build Log

                                                                                Wasa (Gallery)

                                                                                                                        HMS Sphinx 1775 - Vanguard Models - 1:64               


Non-Ship Model:                                                                                         On hold, maybe forever:           

CH-53 Sikorsky - 1:48 - Revell - Completed                                                   Licorne - 1755 from Hahn Plans (Scratch) Version 2.0 (Abandoned)         



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Nice model ships


greetings, and welcome to MSW

Regards, Patrick


Finished :  Soleil Royal Heller 1/100   Wasa Billing Boats   Bounty Revell 1/110 plastic (semi scratch)   Pelican / Golden Hind  1/45 scratch

Current build :  Mary Rose 1/50 scratch

Gallery Revell Bounty  Pelican/Golden hind 1/45 scratch

To do Prins Willem Corel, Le Tonnant Corel, Yacht d'Oro Corel


Shore leave,  non ship models build logs :  

ADGZ M35 funkwagen 1/72    Einhets Pkw. Kfz.2 and 4 1/72   Autoblinda AB40 1/72   122mm A-19 & 152mm ML-20 & 12.8cm Pak.44 {K8 1/2} 1/72   10.5cm Howitzer 16 on Mark. VI(e)  Centurion Mk.1 conversion   M29 Weasel 1/72     SAM6 1/72    T26 Finland  T26 TN 1/72  Autoprotetto S37 1/72     Opel Blitz buses 1/72  Boxer and MAN trucks 1/72

Shore leave,  time consuming projects :

a new bathroom


Si vis pacem, para bellum

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Gidday Jerry and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

You have joined a fantastic site where the members possess much knowledge and expertise.

Most members will give both freely.

I wholeheartedly second your comment re asking questions. This is how we can share experiences and provide solutions, or at least ideas that lead to them. I like the standard of your models and I still experience " gluey fingerprints" on occasion.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours,


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