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Deck Sander

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Sanding decks is tedious and tiring and with my fat fingers, problematical.  So.. a tool, preferably power was called for.  After remembering that a floor buffer could be used to sand a wooden floor, I reached for the Dremel.   I'm using the mandrel for the cut-off disks and one of the felt buffing pads.  A chunk of sandpaper is rubber cemented to the pad.   I'm looking around for a rubber disk, the right size to perfect it a tad more.  I turn the Dremel on low and hold it as perpendicular to the deck as I can get and apply next to zero pressure.  It does a nice job, fast.




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Here is another tool. It is called a 'mouse' made by Black and Decker and sells for about $35 at Home Depot.

I have used it to sand the deck and hull and for this kind of work it is a fine little sander. It comes with different size 'feet' for tight corners.

post-246-0-51399000-1368032818.jpg  post-246-0-70634800-1368032803.jpg

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I almost bought one of those, but it's still way to big to get into hull.  There's some serious tumblehome to deal with.



Thanks for the comments everyone. I thought I'd add a bit more....

I'm using 220 grit with a very very light touch.  Too much and I'll get swirl marks which I found out in testing on scrap.   Too large a grit (100 or less) and it shreds and swirls the wood.


For finishing, I'll be using my oscillating pencil sander with 320 paper.   The scrapers are great but that deck area is in such a tight spot (between the raised center on oneside and under the tumblehome...  well.. my fat fingers argue the point. :)

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What is a oscillating pencil sander? I've used spindle sanders and air powered oscillating palm sanders and disc sanders and hell, about 10 more not suited for this hobby but I've never heard of an oscillating pencil sander. Sounds perfect for tight spots. Who sells them?

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