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  1. Ed,have you considered using the photo-etching process to make the hooks and or thimbles? The thimbles could be made out of thicker material and heart shaped. Laman
  2. Gary, I strongly recommend that you secure the keel to your building board by bolts through the keel as suggested by Ed Tosti. The pipe clamps that you are using will get in your way as you progress building the frames. Eventually they will all have to be removed. In addition the wires you're using to stabilize the frames will be of great help however, they will get in your way and have to be removed when you start working on the internal structures and gun ports. You will have to stabilize the ship using the heights of breath externally. This requires the keel to be firmly attached to your b
  3. Ed, would you please comment on your two methods of finishing, beeswax versus varnish. Which do you like better? I am very interested since I need to start adding some finishes to inaccessible places on my Naiad. On some of my other models I finished I have used sanding sealer which seems to give acceptable results. Thanks. Laman
  4. Ed,I just received your new book this week, absolutely outstanding just as the other two books on the Naiad. Of course, the plans included are extremely detailed and are the best. I have not had a chance to read the book in its entirety; however, what I found interesting were several new building techniques that I had not thought . These will be helpful with my current build of the Naiad, which I have just finished all of the framing. Laman.
  5. Danny, great tutorial on clue blocks. Just curious, what is your next build going to be? We are all looking forward to it. Laman
  6. Ed, I am proceeding nicely with the build of Naiad and have completed the fore and aft cant frames. I'm currently working on the square frames which is, as you know, slow. I have a question regarding frame construction. Square frame 6F says" third centerline on lower centerline". I am not sure how to interpret this. In addition I would like to confirm that all top timbers and 4th futtocks are10.5" side at heels. This is a great build and I thank you for writing the two books which are extremely detailed and easy to understand and follow. This summer I took a trip on the Sea Cloud built in 1931
  7. I tried to buy some blackened- it at my local hobby store yesterday and they were out. The owner called their supplier and was told that it was not any longer being produced and that the owner of the company and his wife had both been recently killed in an automobile accident. I cannot verify if this is true but if so it is sad for all of us. Laman
  8. I just received a copy of Comet of 1783 by David Antscherl over the weekend. To say the least the book is outstanding. What I found most interesting was David's detailed description of the fire room and how it works. I personally had no idea about a fire ship and am amazed at the complexity of the structure. David does not repeat what he has written in TheFullyFramed Model; however, the Comet does show the detail differences in a fire ship. In addition the book includes a very detailed description of building quarter galleries and the armament of the ship which is 18 pound carronades. These ar
  9. I would like to purchase one. Would it be fourth while to try to put together a combined order from interested people? Laman
  10. Is there any update on using rock tumblers for rounding blocks and dead eyes? If so what is being used inside the tumblers for the abrasive? Laman
  11. One of the best machines I own, extremely versatile. Laman
  12. Danny, how did you end the rough-tree rail at the stern? If possible can you show us a picture of this area of the ship. Also are you planning to add a taffarel fife rail? Great work Laman
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