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Hello from Calgary


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Hello everyone. I’m hoping someone can help me out. About 20 years ago I bought my father a Latina Bluenose II kit. He got as far as planking the hull but never finished it. Now I have the kit and would like to complete it but sadly I can’t find the assembly manual. I’ve contacted the manufacturer but the kit is so old they don’t have any documentation for it. Hopefully someone out there has an assembly manual for the older kit. And doesn’t need it anymore and would be willing to sell it. If so please let me know. 

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There a several builds on this site.  In addition when I was starting my build I found the following site:


       Online I found a set of articles on this model produced by John H. Earl (http://www.modelboatyard.com/bluenose2.html). I decided to follow his instructions.


(John is also an MSW Member).


There are a couple of versions of the AL Bluenose II that differ from each other.  The kit I have was #20500.  The newer one is #22453.


I have the 20500 manual that someone sent to me since my kit was missing the english language instructions.  If you have that version I could forward them to you.  



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