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Can someone give me a run down of Santa Maria kits?


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We got to visit the Nao Santa Maria in Saint Andrews yesterday. What a thrill. Of course now I'm all jazzed up to build one. :)


Can someone give me the cliff notes on the various kits? Is there one which sticks out as being "the one to get" or anything like that?





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Gidday Sunsanvil and a warm welcome from the Land Downnunder.

In answer to your question re the "the one to get".

I find this question purely subjective as one person may prefer aspects of a kit that another abhors.

Several factors will influence any decision to purchase a kit.

Among these are price, the modelmakers ability, time, a dedicated building area, and commitment.

I would suggest you search the build logs. This may assist in your decision.

These are my personal views and I am sure others will have varying opinions.

I do not wish to deter you in any way and wish you all the best in your search.




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Before investing in an expensive kit, all representations of Santa Maria, full sized or models are conjectural as very little is known of the actual vessel.  Therefore, such fundamental things as the shape of the hull are only guesses.  In addition kit manufacturers are notorious for “jazzing up” their kits with anachronistic details to add marketing appeal.  Building a Santa Maria model from a kit may provide many hours of enjoyment but cannot with the present state of knowledge result in historic accuracy.



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If are interested in building the Santa Maria you might want to check out "The Ships of Christopher Columbus" by Xavier Pastor.  This is one of the Anatomy of the Ship series.  I found it to be a real wealth of information on ship design and construction of that time.

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MarisStella has a nice kit of the Santa Maria. They specialise in ships of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas and do have a good knowledge of these types of vessels. Their kit has recently been updated with new parts, plans and instructions, it maybe worth your look. Zoran, from MarisStella is extremely helpful and willing to help with any questions before and during your build, Their website can be found under the sponsor list on the main page.

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