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New member from Michigan

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Hello all, new member here.  I’m a very new modeler, but I’ve been doing amateur woodworking for awhile.  Working through my first wooden ship model, the Thermopylae from scientific models.


I’ve always had an interest in sailing ships, so it’s been a lot of fun getting a better understanding of what all the rigging actually does.


I’m planning on doing a POB build next, and putting a lot more detail into the rigging.


Anyway, great information here, soaking it up like a sponge.  So many artists here creating beautiful work, it’s definitely something to aspire to.




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Hullo from the Far Side of the World!


The Thermopylae is a classic clipper, well worth building. By the time you've finished her you will be VERY familiar with what all the rigging does! :D 


You're bound to make mistakes :default_wallbash: - that's part of the journey - but most of them are repairable. (And at some point you'll probably realise what a boon wood filler is to the ship modeller).


And yes, do start a build log. With lots of pictures!

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