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Hello! I am seeking help with my second planking having made a few errors on the first which I managed to get away with. It was touch and go trying to avoid crowding at the bow. I'm lining the hull with strakes to work out the best runs this time.

I've read and think I understand the tutorials but still have a doubt at the bow section. Between the front tip of the garboard strake and the marking strake is 36mm (along the rabbet) but between the tip and red push pin is only 30mm. Should I fit a drop strake around this point I wonder? I tried wetting and bending a previous marker strake but the pull down on it made the run look a bit wobbly elsewhere back along the hull and it was a really tight bend. I know I will have to fit Steelers  at the stern but the bow has confounded me for the moment. The two pen marks fwd show where the centre lines fall. I hope the photos give the idea. TIA.😃








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44 minutes ago, TOM G said:

your garboard is runing too far up the bow......... this will crowd the planks.   look into more info on the garboard plank.    and you will have to add drop planks where needed.   but first get your garboard correct, then line it off.

Yep that’s what I see too 

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Lining out for planking involves two separate steps. The first is scientific: dividing the surface to be covered into equal width belts. (I suggest four.) The second is art: looking at the hull from all angles and adjusting the belt divisions into visually pleasing lines. Read the planking primers on this site for full details. Also I suggest using black thread rather than wood strips.

Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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Thank you all for your advice and pointers. Think I need therefore to start with the garboard. The videos look amazing so will be studying them closely before proceeding. I need to step back for a time and take it all in. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to offer up their own experiences  in such a kind way. 😃👍

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