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  1. Looking forward to the release now that my Speedy, Master Shipwright Flirt, and Alert have arrived safely! Once I’ve absorbed all of the fine build logs, I will attempt a build of my own
  2. You’re very modest SpyGlass - I’m following your build of HMS Speedy and I really appreciate all of the tips you provide.
  3. Alert will be my first build Mugje. The manuals written by Chris for his Vanguard line are definitely well done and he seems to improve them with each new model. I have his Vanguard Speedy and Flirt on the shelf for future builds, in addition to Pegasus and Mercury, and it’s great that his manuals can be downloaded from his site since I can read all of them without taking the paper copies out of their boxes. I wish Amati would do this too.
  4. I’ve a couple of ships to build - all designs by Chris including Pegasus. I think I will purchase some spare strips and try various techniques out in advance since this will be my first build (probably Alert by Vanguard before I try and tackle Pegasus). I’m trying to absorb all I can from you mugje as well as SpyGlass and the other master craftsmen. Such amazing quality! Setting the bar high 😀
  5. Happy to see that Amati on their website acknowledges your designs and in a manner that says this is a plus for their models! That’s certainly a major factor in any purchase I make of a Victory line model from them. 

  6. these folks could probably produce excellent add-on products in any scale if they’re up to the challenge Games Workshop Group PLC Website www.games-workshop.com Games Workshop Group PLC
  7. Late 2021 gives some entrepreneurs time to create some scale furniture and/or fixtures and the odd crew to put inside the ship, in one or more cabins, underneath one of the main hatches etc, captain at his desk perhaps. I gather there’s a detailed laser scan of the ship, perhaps those looking to gather support could commercialize that data in other ways. Just thinking 🤔
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