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filling gaps in deck planking

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Generally for planking on the hull or deck, I find a mix of sawdust (appropriate wood of course) and mix up some white glue and water at 50-50.  Make a slurry of the sawdust and glue mix and fill the gap.  Actually fill over the gap then sand when dry.  If it's not a wide gap, just put some of the glue mix in the gap and sand the wood.  The sanding dust will go into the gap and hide it.  As always, your mileage may vary to test first if possible on a hidden part of the hull/deck.

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I echo what Mark has said above but I do mine very slightly differently.  I mix very fine sawdust that I make with a Dremel sanding drum into the PVA and use as much sawdust as possible.  It kind of turns into a very thick putty that I then push into the gap with a very flexible knife.


Its exactly the same thing but it just has a greater content of wood which I would guess at 75% wood - 25% PVA.  It does however make it quite hard to sand down as its very tough but the results are pretty good.

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