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The building berth

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The building berth is developed for construction of type-setting hull in length to 1 metre (for example, kits of type Montanes, Victory, Superb, Vangard, Astrolabe, etc.). The design allows to fix reliably and precisely keel and bulkheads in the course of assemblage of the hull, its covering and installation on the hull of details. The building berth consists of the basis (the laminated parquet board 1000х380х14mm) on which are established:

- Directing for fixing keel (an aluminium corner 40х20х2 mm) with cuts for bulkheads (cuts are made under concrete model, in this hull Montanes-OcCre);

- Figured directing on which in the course of installation of bulkheads the carriage (plywood of 10 mm, figured laths) with a dural plate regulated on height , located at right angle to keel (for installation and fixing of bulkheads moves lengthways keel);

- Lateral racks (a board 20mm) with moving possibility lengthways keel and it is perpendicular to it (for hull fixing);

- Parallel clips (an oak 20mm).

Depending on a stage of construction of the hull those or other details of a building berth are applied.






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 I certainly like your build berth, and look so much more professional than the commercial items.

I like to suggest you to post plans for us to build such, if possible.

Looking good!


Hi, Per, thanks for build berth assessment! I didn't do for build berth of the present drawings as a design quite simple and I managed at construction by several pencil sketches. For orientation the main sizes are specified in the description, but it isn't obligatory to adhere to them, each modeller can make build berth under the model.

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