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Scottish Maid by JesseLee - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1:50 (wood)

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My 1st build log. It's been a while since I've had a wood ship kit to build. A new friend understood my longing & surprised me by mailing me this Scottish Maid kit. The box came in from the USPS & I felt like a kid at Christmas.


Here are some pics of what's in the kit...










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Hi Jesse, (hope I've got that right) :)  :)


I'm sure your going to have a lot of fun and a few headaches with this build and I wish you the best of luck with her.


This is the place to be for help and assistance should you need it, just ask your question and I'm sure someone will be able to give you the answer.


Just remember this is an enjoyable hobby so have fun and enjoy.


Good Luck and Be Good



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Congrats on your first build log Jesse


Mobbsie right, the MSW crowd is a great community for answering nearly any question that can come along and also for giving the support and encouragement to keep one going. Hard to believe I started my first build about a year ago although did start the log until March after the digital blackhole gobbled up all of MSW1.


I look forward to seeing this one built. I love the Schooner rigging, it should be quite an adventure.

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Haven't worked on a larger ship in a while & realized my work space has been way overcrowded. Not much room to work on a larger build. Spent a whole day clearing all the tweezers, paints, clips, wood peices, various glues, tools, etc. back to clear a bigger work area on my one small workbench. Found an old 2 inch thick wood cutting block 3'3" x 2' out under my shelter. I brought it in, cleaned it up & put it on my workbench & extended my bench top out 4 ". Now I have more space to work with.


Have started punching out the bulwarks to see how they fit & begun the first stages of construction. Some pics to follow soon.....

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I started on the framework. Didn't have what I wanted to make sure bulwark were glued in straight so I used these thin wood blocks. They are all the same size & were almost perfect for the space between each piece. Where they were a little too narrow I added layers of masking tape till they fit snug. Not pretty but it works.







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Yikes don't you just hate when that happens.

I know on the older Swift kit the bulkheads are not cut out as much as on the newer kits, so that there's more lower deck space I guess, if one wanted the hatchways open for added detail. I'd add wood to it also as those thin cutouts are just asking for breakage.


I saw where Robbyn's Syrene fell off the table and broke off the "horns" on one side of the bulkheads. Breakage seems to be just one of those parts of building. It's never fun when it happens, but its usually a learning opportunity. I look forward to seeing the fix as that bulkhead was always going to be hard to fair without being supported, at least for me it would have to be.

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Yea that what nice about a break like that. Once the deck and planking is done no one will know its there unless they read the build log.


So are you going to do any work detailing her lower decks or have the hatch ways open with ladders going down below? My older Swift kit had about 1" holes where the newer kit is the size of the deck houses. I didn't bother as it wasn't opened enough. Your SM looks to have fairly large lower deck sections though.

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The frame of this kit is thin & somewhat too flexible for me. Dont know if the pics will show well enough how it is not lining up straight. I have decided to add more wood on each side of the frame pieces & fill in more at the bow & stern to give more stability when I do the planking.






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Looking good. I like how you've blocked it close to the hull but left the inside open so that if you decide to do the lower decks they are not full of balsa.

Adding balsa is one of my favorite ideas. It saved me on the DSotM with both the bow and stern, not to mention add blocks for the garboard plank end to lay on.


You should have a much more solid structure once finished with this stage and it should be much easier to plank. I love the way Scotty has the planking wrap under the transom but it seems it could be a bear to plank. 

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Feeling really bummed right now. Was told today that the digital camera I've been using for this build log is my father-in-laws & he just repossessed it tonight. Will have to wait for my wife or daughters smart phones for pics. They are not around much & when they are, they aren't as interested in getting the pics as I am.

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Got a camera for Christmas. I finished adding the extra thickness to the bulwarks. Some may think this was overkill but I didn't like how even the slightest pressure made the whole frame bend & flex too much. They supply these kits with cheaper, softer woods now days. I could have built it like it was but I have nothing bit time on my hands so I went all out on it. I also added wood around the top edge. It took a lot of extra time but I now have a VERY study frame that will not bend! I didn't worry about how pretty it looks as this will all be covered.






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Was a little disappointed at first. Didn't think I had done my best planking job. My camera pic didn't show the detail that I could see but after putting a coat of very light pecan stain/sealer on it, it looked great! This new wood glue that I bought said it would stain like wood. Worried it was an exaggeration. No matter how careful I am to wipe off any extra glue some could always get in the grain. It turned out great & looks much better than I expected



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