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Corel Customer Service


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Hey everyone, I always like to provide info on customer service from our favorites kits.


I recently moved and somehow lost my instruction book for my Corel Scotland kit.  After about a week of searching, I contacted Corel the other night and told them my dilemma, mainly that I had everything but the instruction book and if I could get a replacement.


No later than the next afternoon I got an email from Corel asking for my address and that they were going to ship me a new instruction book!  Even better, I found it this morning, so I thanked Corel and now can get back to build log on MSW.


So, hope this provides some positive insight for those interested in Corel kits!

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I'll repeat what I wrote in a different thread.

My experience is : I bought a partly built kit by Corel. Previous owner/builder left a note in the box saying that some strips of "flexible" planks where missing at purchase. I sent a e-mail to Corel, explaining this was a "second hand" kit and what the previous owner said. The next day They awnsered my e-mail and the parts arrived in my mailbox after a week or so. Excellent service

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Is good to hear the good with the bad. The MSW community forum is as much a tool as a #11 blade and sandpaper. MSW helps get the word out of what companies are doing correctly and poorly. Its really our only place to speak out and help others know what to expect.


I think I'll now go to the tool forum and pass on the excellent customer service I recently received from HS Walsh. It's as important the exhort the positives as the negatives.


Thanks for sharing your experience :dancetl6:

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Even though I posted this in my WVH thread, i will say again I cannot be more pleased with Corel's customer service.  In no way were they obligated to replace my gun carriages due to me having a very old kit.  Not only did they send all new carriages, but added a note that anything else I need due to the age of the kit, just let them know and it will be sent immediately.  Can't ask for more than this.



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When I was working on the Corel Unicorn, I was considering converting it to the Lyme which had add an extra gun port per the NMM plans.  To line the gun ports, the kit included brass rings.  I was short one ring on each side so asked Corel if I could purchase an extra pair.  I received an immediate response and received the extra rings (I believe they gave me a full set) at no charge.  I was incredibly touched by their kindness and service, so highly recommend them.

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