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cutty sark by 3qq

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I'm more experienced than me, I decided to get help from a name. Mr. Kazim GÜRHAN(  http://www.modelteknikleri.com/surat-motorlari-ve-motoryatlar/8403-bir-model-hikayesi-speedfish-600-a.html ) after this work were met. Although we are a one of us on line 600 miles away, we are in contact with msn second time you have me. My model 1/100 while the British and Italian models and plans have been drawn again from yours truly ...

Actual boat dimensions: 

Full-size ..... 85.34 m. 

Body length ...... 64.74 m. 


1/75 if: 

Full length: 113.8 cm. 

Body length: 86.3 cm

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I wish you success in your build


If you want to do valuable model, you have to find Campbell plans. You  can order them from British National Maritime Museum. There can be a lot of differences

One detail - present Cutty Sark in Greenwich has only four windows on each side. On your plans, as I can see, windows are whole along from bow to stern




Be careful reading plans, and always compare details with photos you can find on Google and on MSW  - see http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/5178-cutty-sark-constructional-details/#entry149283


Happy modelling

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Yes, I want to make a valuable model. Campbell had to find plans. British National Maritime Museum can order them. (I'll think about it.) Mr. Kazim Gürhan still have confidence in the drawing. Can cause a lot of differences 

(One detail - available Cutty Sark in Greenwich has four windows on each side only). (I'm surprised it's true). Plans as I can see, the windows aft springs're all together. (Yes, there's a queue at the stern addition to the construction phase). Again, I thank you very much .. I'm watching you and I enjoy very tight.

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Dun zeki, yuzden Dünyayi değiştirmek İstedim. Bugün görüştü Akıllı Değilim, o yuzden kendimi Değişen duyuyorum. RUMİ. 

My Cutty Sark to be used during the construction of the pier and I'm preparing platform. Patience and care for my partner and my friend can not asirg online support Mr. Nenad and Mr Kazim GÜRHAN  is missing on the right may be. Thank you to everyone I wish you all the best and beautiful model.



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Wow, just saw this post.


Welcome to the MSW Doğan. You're doing great, step by step and careful. Please, keep pictures coming. I wish you good luck during the way to the success :) 


Merhaba Doğan Abi, burada gördüğüme sevindim. Çok güzel gidiyor, ellerine sağlık. Daha fazla fotoğraf bekliyoruz :) Başarıya giden yolda bol şans :) 



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My friend Nenad gentleman. 

I am grateful to you for encouragement and very sad sometimes gets stuck in my head. It must be love ... 

Now also very nice sharing. 

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." 



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