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18' sprit sail skiff by Senior Ole Salt - Up dating a model - Finished

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The pictured model is of 18' sprit sail skiff I have since full size build some 20 years ago. She is still sailing, the boat that is. I have since made many  alterations gained by experience sailing the boat. The model has never been up dated since her initial bath tub and real sea trials.  So I think it's time to make the model look like the actual boat. 






This image shows the inside painted , ) model was bright)some supports for thwarts a new inwale  etc. In building the real boat I made the side planking merge with the stem in a continuous line . Not so the model. My present problem is to perhaps fill in the void shown in the stem area. Anybody here ever do this and if so what filler did you use?


















Also pictured is the real boat inside and another sailing.






Thanks for any input.








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I've been working on the model and had posed the question on how to fill in the bow area as shown in the above photo's. I had great success using the filler show in the below images. It cures  hard enough to sand and tool in 15 minutes.





I still have to work on the rest of the model and do more finishing , like more rigging, cleats, snotters, paddles,cam cleats etc.



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Well after a summer of sailing the real boat I got around to start the finishing of the model. For me the sails are a real problem which gives an appreciation of the art on full size boat sails.  So far I made three main sails and two jibs. The jib shown on the model will be the final one but the present main sail has to go. In the process I learned a few things and for me sewing in a hem to scale is too difficult . So I got the idea why bother to do that.  For the jib  I came up with the idea of outlining the sail in pencil on a suitable piece of material ( in this case the lightest piece of material I could get at Jo Ann fabrics. I dyed it first in coffee ( no cream and sugar ) that took away the all white look. I then stretched the material out on a soft drawing board secured the material with pins again drew in the out line of the sail using a soft pencil. I then took a suitable string close to scale for the sail bolt rope and pinned this to the outline.  Using Elmers and glueing 1 " at a time I cemented the string to the sails outline. I used a needle stuck into in a 1/8" dowel as  an applicator for the glue to the sail attachment. After all this was dry I simply cut the sail material close to the now bolt rope. This for me solves the  fraying problem and the resulting sail looks better than a sewed hem.


In the images shown now, the rigging is not belayed or secured so I can take off the main sail and bend on the yet to be made new one. So all lines including the jib look quite slack.


In the proposed finished display, the model has little wind and I'm trying make it look like it's all ready for the skipper and crew to board, weigh anchor ( placed in the display up short and off the stb. chock),  back the jib and sail of on the stb tack.


I'm hoping the minimal pedestal will give the effect of a boat afloat




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Well I finally finished the model of my sprit rigged skiff Carrianne. I made 4 main sails and two jibs before i got a set of sails I liked.


Here's another video of her sailing. I like it because the sound is good.






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