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Montanes by Slawek1303 - OcCre - 1:70

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Hi Slawek,


I missed you and your build.

I'm glad that you are back with us  :)

It looks great.

I really love your work!

Is there any change that you re-post all your pictures that you have ( if you still have them…)

It is a great example for me, just like those from Garward



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  • 1 month later...

Slawku, mala rada: jak uzywasz translatora to staraj sie wpisywac zdanie po polsku w najbardziej uproszczonej formie, bez skrotow myslowych, zwrotow potocznych, przenosni, metafor itede.


Najlepiej krotkie zwiezle zdania bez przecinkow nawet.


Niemniej jednak, piękna krypa ;)


English: The Polish language is hard to translate using translators so i advise avoiding slang and keeping sentences as simple as possible

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I installed the stern tubes. Now I started anchors.


Hey Malaysia. Look for photos and show you how I made contamination (algae) on the hull.


Hello Australia. Thank you for appreciating my work


Hi Sjors. You're right. The main thing is that the model enjoyed the one who performs it. pretty or ugly. accurate or inaccurate. consistent with the history or not. a lot of detail, etc. The important work devoted to the model and the "heart" of the modeler.






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