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Willie L Bennet by mhaas2 - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1/32 scale small boat

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I started this model back in April and have decided to share what I have done, so fa,r for coments and constructive remarks. I choose this model because it would allow me to practice some techniques that I wanted to learn before I return to my Charles Morgan. Also my deceased wife and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on on of these marvalous little boats before she passed. In particular this model has a lot of what most would call scaratch-building and there will be ample oppertunities for me to practice "ironwork" and silver soldering.




Building board with building moulds.




Keel assembly with rabbit




Transon added




and chin logs

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The side sheeting has been added,




as has the bottom planking. The hull was removed from the mould and sanded.




The knight heads, knees and fwd strongback have been added also the batons.




Added the ribs and the after strongback, plus sone various details. Most of this will not be seen, but it is good practice.

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Very nice all you members who have or are doing the Willie have inspired me to make another one, and do it right this time.


Years ago I cobbled one together that even a blind cat would have laugh at. Will have to keep an eye out for one on sale at ModelExpo.


Nice job  mhass2



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Nice work.  I see that you have chosen to add a lot of "interior" detail that will not be seen when the model is completed.  I have a build log progressing on my Willie but I chose to take the easier way out and concentrate on the exterior.  I am new to the hobby but my model airplane days have helped me with the wood portions of the model.  Such things as the wire and solder work, rigging and sails will all be new to me, so I will spend my efforts there.  I will follow along with your Willie and learn a thing or two.


Have fun

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Continuing on with the interior details.




Forward and afetr bulkheads.




The beginings of the after cabin. Lots of just figure it out stuff hear. I spent lots of time looking at and com paring the views on the drawing to get this in with some semplence of correct.




Had to do at least some of the deck beams and carlings to be able to do the bulkheads in the after cabin.



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Bends, planksheer and log rails. Starting to look like a boat!




Ice sheathing. Copper plumbers tape and a ponce wheel. First time I tried to do someyhing like this. Worked out well.




Stove. Scratch built and added a fire LED kit from a model railroad. Flickers and look real cool. There will be LED's in the fore and after cabin also.




Ahhhh! Color! and the centerboard.

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Up on the base. A little tricky as the rear pedistal is where I led the lighting wires down. I epoxied a tube from the bottom of the base to the cargo decking and inside the pedistal. That gave me the support I needed as there is no scew in that pedistal.






Decking. I used a 10" scale lenght and a standard 4 stagger.




You can see the LED wiring here also.

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OK, all caught up. I finished the caprails and hand rails today. As I have been taking these pictures to show progress to friends and family. I have been taking pictures of completed steps. I will start taking more shots of the processes. Next up are the bilge pumps, deck protectors and water barrel.





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Bilge pumps. Time to put my newly learned silver soldering skills to the test.




The parts to make the pumps:




spout soldered and the upper cone made and soldered.




1 pump made. I must admit I think these look nice.




Both pumps made. A little stain and some white paint and the bilge pumps are done.



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Those look very nicely finish.


It has been a while since I looked at these plans, but did not recall seeing that style of pump on these boats. I figured they would use the lower Edson diaphragm pump. I will have to revisit the plans and get caught up.



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Next up is the water cask. It needs some help; looks like a piece of wood turned into the shape of a water barrel. I'll see what I can do to make it look a bit more interesting.



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OK, so added some scoring to represent the strakes. blackened them, sanded the hoops to a better profile and painted. Stained the barrel, added a bung, handle and tap. Made the base, painted and added some rope to hold the barrel in place. Much better than the turned hunk of wood.






Next up is the dredge protective sheathing

Edited by mhaas2
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Looks good. Down here in Mississippi, we did not have that kind of protection for the deck. Our dredge winders were up on blocks to keep them off the deck, but not a large platform like that. Interesting detail.



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Hi Don. Although the painting guide says the deck should be painted, I opted to leave it wood. I use a #2 pencil on the edges of the deck planks and then I scrape them rather than sanding after gluing them down. I have left the wood untreated as I feel that a holystoned deck would have that natual look. I do not claim that that is correct for this type of model, I just like the looks.

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