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Fishcutter GO-38 by slagoon - Paper Trade - CARD - 1:150 (Bouwplaat viskotter GO-38)

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Hi all,

My job has major up and down swings as far as how busy I am, and sometimes I even run out of busy work.  I would sit there and read through MSW thinking about my build or my upcoming builds...but what I really wanted to be doing during the down time was modeling. I purchased a card kit of a fishing boat. I have never ever built a card model, and I've seen some of the amazingly intricate work that was on the old forum....knowing I'd probably botch my first one I just grabbed a low cost one that still seemed interesting.


So here it is. Of course you will see some big mistakes - please point them out and tell me how I can avoid them next time.

Here is the kit - I can't find builds of it ANYWHERE including the paper model forums...






I started with the structure.





Here is my first mistake...I glued the two sides together as the instructions said - but due to their translation I didn't  know to avoid gluing the tabs and that they would be placed separated on the base. I cut them back apart as best as I could.







After getting my stations organized I put them on.




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The next step was putting on the decks.








Then I built my first deck building.





There were little cutouts to make the hatches look more realistic




so I put that and the roof structure on




Then I put the upper level base on it.












Then I put the stair steps on it










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Time for the building on the poop deck.


















Finally is the ship's boat






I've been working on this over the last month and that's all I've gotten to so far...just finally got around to grabbing the photos off my phone.  Hope you enjoyed.  Trying to understand the "card" instructions has so far been the hardest part.

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Hi Sarah,


Nice to see a Dutch ship  :)

Goederede ( name of the ship) is a town in Zeeland in Holland.

It's a fisherman village.

I think you can learn Dutch for the manuel?

If you have questions of need a translation, please let me know!

It's a nice looking vessel and you make a lot of progress.



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Oh neat - Thanks Sjors. The manual is predominantly in a germanic language....so either Dutch or German..... I assume you'd be able to tell from a few sentences....


-Werk zorgvuldig symmetrisch: merktekens geven de as van het schip aan.

-Schuingedrukt: extra onderdelen voor meer ervaren bouwers. Bestudeer het gedeelte over de tuigage vóór U begint met bouwen.

I suspect that since whatever ↑ is the primary language the instructions might make more sense in that language.


The ship is really fun to work on and I've really been challenged with the paper.

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Hi Sarah,


I think that I have to translate what is in the quote?

Here is comes,


Build Instructions

- Work carefully symmetric: marks indicate the axis of the ship

- Italic: additional components for more experienced builders. Study the section on the rig before you start building.


Hopes this help you.



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Sjors, cool - good to know that it is indeed Dutch. I had just given you the first two sentences so you could confirm it :) luckily those parts were similar to the english translation that was included...but there were some parts that I think the translation was missed...I figured them out eventually but now I know who I can turn to in order to get clarification if the English version just doesn't make sense.  You bi-lingual folks just amaze me. 

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 Hi Sarah,


When you need a translation let me know.

We are a small country but most of the Dutch people speaks English, German, French

We have to because we are travelling around the world and Dutch is not that easy……….but not so difficult because everybody speaks it here :)

Even the little boy of 3 years old next door :P



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I have to hand it to you Sarah....you are one BRAVE shipwright.  Glad to see you've enlisted Sjors as translator.


I just have to ask.........  Is your comment 'Then I installed the little house on the ship' a technical term?  :)  :)

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Augie, I'll check it out right away - thanks :)  I don't think I'm brave though...just really having a good time is all. The problem with the instructions is it says "form part 27 so that it matches outlines on deck" so it doesn't really tell me the proper names for things, and being that I have no background in naval architecture I don't know the right word myself :( Though we can decide that it is indeed the technical word for "room thingy"


Tony, hopefully the smile wasn't due to you laughing at how horribly I've crumpled some of the stuff ;)


Hrvoje, Thanks, I've got a metal warship model on order....so no the only limit is your imagination!


Sjors, I can always check against google translate if I think you are making a fool of me  - but I know you'd give in and tell me the truth sooner or later...cause you are a good person.

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If you look closely at my pic, Sarah, you'll see the smile is accompanied by the knowing wink of recognition of enjoyment and its source. But maybe the resolution is not good enough --- you'll just have to take my word for it.



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Hi Sarah,


That's a nice result for a first paper build ! In some ways it is more difficult than wood.


I'll double-check Sjors's translations for you to be sure he's not joking too much  ;)


By the way: this is a real existing ship. Here's a link to a picture of her: http://www.schollekop.nl/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=6604


The pic was taken on a "vlaggetjesdag". which would translate to flags day. This is a annual event in which the local fleet is shown and usually open to public.



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Hello Sarah

Glad to see some CARD models being put back up. I remember the old MSW had a CARD riverboat that was a free download from Disney, which some builder had built. I was amazed at how real a cardstock model could be. Cant wait to see this one finished.


Here's that riverboat link:


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I remember the old MSW had a CARD riverboat that was a free download from Disney,


madchemist, that was Vulcanbomber's (Caroline) model.


Nice work Sarah  :) . If I can make one suggestion - when making things like the companionways (ladders) it's a lot easier to make the whole unit OFF the ship first before adding the details (like the steps). Do a lot of "dry" fitting before gluing the piece in to make sure you have all the angles right, or if it needs a bit of trimming to make it fit.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Danny - that's great advice...I don't think it looks very great, not compared to my wood models BUT I figure if anyone tries to do this same boat in the future they can see some of the steps (and what not to do). I'll get better...someday.... until then I've gotten my masts in the mail finally so I can probably get started on finishing the boat later this week :)

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