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I bought the hardcover back in 06' when it came out. Put it on the shelf but started reading it just a few days ago. Ninety pages in and Im fascinated by it.

The info on the bureaucratic and partisan wheeling and dealing that went on back then is insightful and revealing. As are the accounts of the workers that searched the woods for the Oak.

For a noob builder and armchair Historian like myself, its a great read so far.



Any other book recommendations are

More than welcomed. I recommend Washingtons Crossing by Fischer, Oxford books.



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Do you know the publisher or have a link to the book ?

Brian - check out the book review in the September MSBJournal for detailed info. Ian Toll is the author, originally published in 2006.


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I am not really into reading biography/history type books but this one was very well written and kept me turning pages well after I needed to goto bed.


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I bought it when it came out, and I couldn't put it down.


As Phil said, it was interesting to read about the wheeling and dealing behind getting these ships designed, built, launched and commisioned. I hate to say it, but it seems that there's not much difference betwen politics then and politics now.


Excellent book.





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Welcome The Iron Prince,


I read through it about 4-5 times.  I am amazed that any navy was ever built with the trouble they had just getting 6 of those ships built.  The on-again and off- again political issues just about did them in.  It got me interested in the historical characters involved much more than I ever used to be.  Funding the project was a nightmare for the people involved.  Much less keeping it going.  It prompted me to research 6-7 of the leading people involved.  Enjoy your book.  I think it was one of the most interesting I ever read.  


Walt Biles

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Do you do the political re-enactment too?


"Well, Virginia got funding this month and we didn't, so we'll have to put off installing the cant frames 'til next month. At least we've got a lock on the copper for plating. . ." :P






No, but I do make the point that political in-fighting, lack of congressional funding, and pork barrel projects has not changed at all since then.




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