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Boltrope or no?

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I’m not around the water anymore, so I can go look at a ship to get the answer.  I am building a fishing schooner at 1:48 scale and got to thinking. (Usually a bad thing) If I’m standing three feet from my model it is the equivalent of standing about 150 feet from the real ship.  At that distance would I see the bolt rope on the sails?  The other question is on a schooner what diameter rope would be used for the boltrope?



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Here is a photo of the bolt rope detail from a Biloxi schooner in the 1920s. Note the relative sizes involved. That mast is probably 9-10 inches in diameter and the sail hoops are probably about 1 1/2 inches thick or thereabouts. The halyards there are probably not more than 1/2" diameter. I would say the bolt rope is fairly large and prominent.




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If you (or other admirers) were always standing a meter away from the model, you could probably omit a lot of detail. The problem is that the observation distance of models varies, so you have to cater for even the case when someone sticks their nose almost into it (or as close as any glass case may allow) ...

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I would need to file through some books in order to see, whether I could find something useful, but I have no time at the moment. The circumference is somewhat proportionate to the size of the sail and the weight of the canvas. On a schooner's mainsail, I would think that the circumference would be rather in the order of 4 to 5". The largest circumference would be at the luff and at the head. If the foot is loose, the diameter may be less than the luff one, or the same, if it was marled down onto the boom. The leech bolt-rope would have the smallest circumference.


Incidentally, you actually need the boltrope on the model in any case in order to form the eyes for attaching the sheets etc. 

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