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Rock/Sugar Maple this is certainly the case, and fortunately this is the species usually sold by lumber dealers.  Well worth using.


Water/Soft Maple is another thing altogether.  Not nearly as hard and can be brittle.  No data here on what other species of Maple are like.

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I have used a fair bit of maple from CMB and although i have nothing to compare it to i found it a a nice wood to work with  . Like all wood order a bit extra as there will be slight variations in color ,texture etc . Seems to hold an edge well and is relatively easily bent and  although i only used 0.5 for my final planking between wales i found it easier to work with than the cherry i was also using . 

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Thanks for the info shihawk, yes that was indeed what I meant by fingernail test :)


Nigel, thanks for chiming in with regards to the durability of maple and beautiful planking work on your SOS Sir, from my observation, it seems that CMBs Maple more or less has the same color as lime B)

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Not sure where you are from but there is a large variety of maple here in the U.S. midwestern states. Maple is always included in the list of hardwoods. Good for furniture, cabinetry, and paneled doors. Silver Maple here is a very soft white wood, as trees were used extensively to line neighborhood streets in the 50's through the 70's because it grows relatively fast and provides alot of shade.

When I start my POF project, I will be using Maple. I love to work with it.


Sincere Regards,



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