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Granado 1742 by ASAT 1/64 Using Victory Models Plans

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Well, I am going to do a Scratch build of the Granado Cross Section along with Grant, Mobbsie and Jack as soon as my plans get here but I have been working on the full model for some time using the plan set from Amati/Victory. I wanted to definitely do a build log for the cross section but I thought what the heck I may as well do a log for both. I plan on doing the cross much larger, I am contemplating 1/32 but 1/48 may be OK too I will see when the plans get here. - As usual I am using as little paint as possible and using various colored woods to depict the different schemes. So far I have used birch ply for the formers/bulkheads, Boxwood for the keel/stem and am planking with Pear and Boxwood and Holly on the deck. The bulwarks are Redheart as will be most of the various deck fittings. The mortar housings are from some curly bubinga or bocote - I am not sure which and I can't get an ID on it from Macbeath Hardwoods where I bought it - it must have been a pretty unique piece as I can't find any other wood like it despite several trips there. I am currently planking the hull with Box and will decide on whether to paint the waterline and below white after I complete it. Here are some pics of where I am ......








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Hi Lou,


Been waiting for this mate, you've some lovely planking going on there, both deck and hull.


The wale looks to be Yellow heart and please correct me if I'm wrong but can you tell me what that black staining is, 3rd plank down on both sides. 


Looking forward to more updates mate.


Be Good



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Thanks Mobbsie,you have a good eye-  yes that is some yellowheart for the first layer of the wales -I like to define the wales with a good contrasting wood so I can follow the line easily when I add the second layer. The black is some black stain that I used on the edge of the wales so that when I add the second layer (which will be stained black pear) you wont see the yellowheart under the edge of the wale. 

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Hi Lou,


That's some seriously nice work you've done so far! I look forward to following the rest of this build. What a great complementary build to the cross section (or vice versa). :)

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