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Wasa Cross Section by seargent spectere - Corel kit - with cannon

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Here's a kit I bought about 20 years agowhenI was in Junior High School. It was my first wooden kit. Needless to say, it was very rough arround the edges when I finished it back then.

So, fast forward to today, I found it again at my parent's house and want to refurbish it.


Now so much more is avaliable for refrence and my skills have improved a little bit too :rolleyes:


Looking forward to any feedback!




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I hope to do it justice!


-Ulises Victoria, I don't remember the scale right now. I'm trying to find where i left the instructions book that has all that info :huh:


Can anyone reccomend a good website with good Wasa (Vasa) research?


I remember that the instructions had the gun carriage painted red, but now I'm not sure if it should be simply stained natural wood color?


Thanks all for the interest on this build!


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When in doubt, Google is our friend...  http://www.vasamuseet.se/en/   There's lots of good info on that site.   Also, do a quick search in the kit forum for Vasa, Wasa and Wasan.   There's several very heavily research builds going on.


This build has quite a few pictures from the museum:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/1815-wasan-1628-by-nazgul-billing-boats-vasa-175/

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Try this  - it has Fred Hocker from the museum on it .He knows everything there is to know about the Vasa.




Also for a lot of good pictures try this -





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What at excellent model. I had the chance to build this last year and it was really fun. I was a little annoyed about the fact that Corel mentions the parts are laser-cut. They are absolutely not laser cut. I put some of my pictures on this website but 


It's too bad the kit is discontinued. I built mine with the express purpose of showing it to prospective clients but Corel took it out of their catalog. 


The instructions are in the usual zillion languages and I only found one serious mistake with the engineering of the kit; the lower deck supports are assembled in a way that doesn't make sense in reality. 


Since the kit is discontinued, I have decided to develop my own version of this 1:24 scale kit but at the scale of 1:12. I'll be setting up a page for that as we get going. 





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Hi Seargent,


Thanks for the note. There's a series of pictures of my model somewhere. I've put in brass nails everywhere to suggest trunnels but I think your paint and detailing is more realistic than mine. I should not have left the brass parts unpainted. 


Here's the link to the gallery of my pictures: 




It's funny how we all think the other guy's model is better. I was satisfied with mine (except for the brass) until I saw yours. 


I've picked out some nice wood for the 1/12 scale kit and we've decided to do the metal parts on a 3D printer. That should give an excellent surface effect to the metal. 


We're not sure whether we are going to turn the gun or print that, as well. 


I wish I had detailed pictures of the actual designs that are on the gun. 


Anyway, we have to have the gun done by May 12th, so we're going with what we have. 


it's a longish story but you'll hear a lot more about my laser-cut short kits as time passes. We are working to bring some really interesting services to the modelling industry. 





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Hi Sargeant, 


I'm not quite sure why the link I entered above did not work. I think this one should: 




Like I said, I think you're model is clearly more accurate than mine, I should have painted the metal bits. And all those trunnels are metal. Next time, I'll make them out of wood. 




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