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  1. French frigate diana

    Looking great David... And thank you for the update on your build... It's really turning out nicely Sargon
  2. Hello ! AWESOME forum!

    Thanks Geoff!! It's a pleasure making your acquaintance!
  3. Hello ! AWESOME forum!

    Thank you Old Collingwood! It's a pleasure to be part of the family! Thank you Dibert55!! Ahoy Mark! Thank you VERY MUCH! It's a pleasure being amongst such esteemed, and cool, Ladies and Gents SARGON
  4. Old sergal sovereign of the sea

    Personally, it looks great if you can scratch build the moulding, and can compensate for the inaccuracies and lack of instruction. Maybe try to get a better newer version on, ModelSpace, or on ebay. Sargon
  5. Billings Boats Kit Accuracy

    The Norske Love looks very beautiful.... Is this one fairly accurate to the original Danish Ship of the Line? Thanks! Sargon
  6. French frigate diana

    This is an amazing Model David.... Thank you very much for sharing it with us! I'm impressed with the full gundeck, with no dummy barrels! I like it alot! Have you had any more time to work on her? Keep up the GREAT work... better late than never! Sargon
  7. OcCre kits

    Beautiful model! Great job Snow! The quality seems really good... been meaning to try out an Occre kit.... Sargon
  8. Interesting new model ship company

    VERY interesting indeed! These models look really good. Has anyone any experience with this company? Sargon
  9. Awesome looking Pandora models!!!! Great job gentleman! It's nice to see more Constructo Models being built Sargon
  10. Constructo 1: schooner enterprise

    Hi Steve, I don't have the plans for this kit. Have you tried writing Constructo in Spain? I don't have their email address handy, but they are online. BTW, nice score on the Enterprise! Sargon
  11. Selling Models

    I've sold models on eBay before, and it can be rewarding depending on the type of model, the amount of time and money that went into it, and if people were willing to pay top dollar. It really depends on whats hot I think. Just my opinion. I wish you luck with your building and sales! Sargon
  12. errors in blueprints

    Looking great! I'll be keeping an eye on this one for sure Sargon
  13. My First Build

    WOW! She really came out great. GREAT WORK! What's the next project? Sargon
  14. Artesania Latina

    I picked up the San Juan Nepomuceno back in the early 2000s, and the kit was really good, even then. I think they have definitely improved, however, with the Santa Ana, the Hermione, etc... especially with wooden sterns, and lanterns with clear parts etc, instead of molded metal. Sargon
  15. Mamoli 1/90 HMS Victory Instructions.

    Nice! These instructions will porove valuable. I just picked up a kit on eBay with no instruction book. KUDOS!

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