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  1. Hi Roger, Pretty sure - I've attached some pictures of the launching of the Charles Martel + a hull slice from the aft section of the boat from the French Marine Society. The actual ship may not have been that stable in real life!
  2. Hi Folks, One last picture - more of the hull done. I'll be switching over to the Scratch-build section from here on out, but after the Charles Martel I'll be doing the USS Kathadin (a ram boat!) and then will return here and let you all know if I'm doing the Carnot.... or not.. (I'm too funny). I'm so glad I found a group that can appreciate the pre-dreadnaughts!
  3. Talos - thank you! - I may (as in probably will) get that book - I did find a russian book that included hull lines for the Martel and had copies of most of the french ministry of defense drawings for carnot, messena, and Bouvet (which I already had) - I started lofting up the hull (see attached pic) I think photographs will be most of what I can use for reference since there's so few drawings of the Martel I've already started on the Charles Martel as I'm about 80% done with the USS Maine (basically print out, fix tolerences, add some details, and then reprint a final model). Basically I couldn't hold off starting the Martel, it is sooo cool! The Messina will come next or maybe the USS Katahdin So many boats I want to do, so little time!
  4. Hello all, I’ve finally tracked down most of the plans I’ve been looking for- I even found some good (enough) drawings for the Charles Martel though im still having more challenges finding hull lines for the Carnot ( even Russian sources dont seem to have them). I’m getting ready to start printing the USS Main hull which will take about a week or so and in the meanwhile I can start on the Charles Martel hull in fusion 360. When I saw this pic of the Charles Martel I was instantly hook on the boat!
  5. So, I apologize about resurrecting this thread from 3 years ago - the Massena and Carnot are two ships that got me hooked on everything that is pre-dreadnaught! Anyways, I’m currently designing the USS Maine in fusion 3D for 3D printing at 1/72 and would like to do the same for the Carnot and Messena, I’ve collected quite a bit of photos and some drawings but haven’t located design details for the hulls. I’d rather not eye-ball things so if anyone knows where I could get that information that would be wonderful! many thanks - Haze Gray

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