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  1. Excellent Liberto! you made a great job with that stove,you really worked in the details. One of the best that I have seen no doubt, you've put effort into the details and that makes it great.. (Has rizado el rulo de la perfeccion!)
  2. This will be a log to follow, good start Jeronimo!
  3. Excellent work albert! is amazing..
  4. I wish you the best winds in this construction, it is always nice to have new projects in the shipyard... new challenges bring more knowledge so I thank you for sharing your work.
  5. Congratulations for this excellent work! and like others, waiting for the Halifax...
  6. Years ago I had the same problem to make accurate cuts, use different methods without good results... the solution was a Guillotine Paper Cutter
  7. Good winds in this new work Gaetan, it sure will be interesting and instructive. It is always nice to follow the different steps of construction and on this scale... incredible!
  8. Always a pleasure to see updates from your work Mike! It looks excellent and as Nils says,acurate and clean..
  9. I use this Dremel model and in my opinion it is very helpful. Ideal for small jobs...Wireless with 5-speed and its base is the charger.
  10. Your best option by R.C.Anderson
  11. I use an old pan which the nob was removed, very effective and good results... I do not use too much water and I put a little olive oil.
  12. Sears sales the brand but I don't know if they have MT 70 model.
  13. The balustrade is very well executed and gives a great detail to the stern... Your work is awesome maestro!