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  1. Them Old Jokes

    An old man says to his wife, do you mind if I chase young girls? The woman responds, does not bother me at all, dogs pursued cars and they do not drive.
  2. Diagram(s) for Bluenose running lines?

    You think this maybe can help or still not clear?
  3. Ship Dioramas You Would Like To Build

    In my opinion Shep Paine was an excellent artist,here you can see one of his works.. And what about a diorama from the scene Master and Commander?
  4. Them Old Jokes

  5. Them Old Jokes

    The other day I met a friend who had both ears bandaged.. I asked him what happened and told me that when he was using the iron sound the phone and put the iron on his ear to answer the call.. I asked him what happened with the other ear and he said: when I call 911...
  6. Ship Dioramas You Would Like To Build

    Pirates of The Caribean,the Kraken..
  7. Ship Dioramas You Would Like To Build

    Picture from the movie Master and Commander,can be a good diorama..
  8. R.I.P. Michael Zemmel (ca.shipwright)

    My condolences and respect to his wife and family.
  9. I found this one on Amazon and is excellent..
  10. Favorite old timer quotes

    Useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Useless as a horn on an airplane. Liar as a politician in campaign. Dangerous as a surgeon with hiccups. Difficult as walking backwards in flip flops..
  11. You can use rolling paper or cigarette paper,apply some oil and it's gonna looks clear.This is just a quick fix if you running out of celluloid sheets.Also you can buy donuts and use the clear plastic of the lid box.
  12. This may vary depending on which country was the ship and whether they were wartime or peace.And surely it was used a light color for lower decks.
  13. Ageing Decks

    Another technique is to use white glue mixed with cigarette ashes and water...no only serves for the caulking also to give an antique look to the wood. Once the mixture has passed and removed with a slightly wet cloth, pass a fine sandpaper to remove even more excess. (The same technique is used for the hull).
  14. In addition to this maneuver to secure the cannons on trips (JerseyCity Frankie pics), also were placed as seen in the third drawing, when it had a very bad sea.

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